About The App Marketing Institute


Why Make It?

Because it’s a whole new world. When web marketing was growing in popularity, a library of how-to content grew with it.


But with the rise of mobile comes the need to engage users on their mobile devices, and web marketing tactics just don’t apply.


These lessons are created both for app marketers just getting their feet wet, and for those needing more advanced methods.


Do We Know What We’re Talking About?

Yep. Localytics is the leader in mobile app analytics and marketing. The “and” is important, and here’s why: analytics serve as the foundation for all marketing insights. Without the analytics feeding into marketing campaigns (and vice versa) the two will never be fully informed. Your marketing campaigns will be guesswork and your results won’t steer what to measure next.


Our breadth of app analytics & marketing tools have yielded some amazing results for our customers, whether they are ecommerce apps like eBay, media apps like The New York Times, technology apps like Microsoft, gaming apps like 2k games, and everything in between. These learnings have guided the tutorials in the App Marketing Institute, for your benefit.


What’s Next?

Jump right in! From the homepage, you can start from the beginning, or launch into the lesson you’re most curious about.