App Marketing Institute

Grow Your App.


Whether you've just launched an app or have millions of users, the AMI teaches you how to track the metrics that matter and create targeted marketing campaigns that increase your app user engagement, loyalty & revenue.

  • Start With The Basics

    An app is only as good as its foundation! In these introductory courses, you'll learn how app analytics & marketing are unique, which metrics are important & how to engage your users over time!

    Intro to the AMI

      - What to Expect
      - In-Depth User Insights
      - Captivate, Connect, Convert!

    Mobile v. Web

      - Identifying the Biggest Differences
      - Apps v. Web Analytics Tools
      - Metrics for Mobile Apps

    Intro to App Analytics

      - What Exactly are App Analytics?
      - Appification of the Web
      - Overview: Common Metrics

    Intro to App Marketing

      - How App Analytics Relate to Marketing
      - Comparing Push & In-App Messaging
      - App Marketing Best Practices

    Intro to App User Engagement

      - The User Engagement Funnel
      - Importance of Retaining Users
      - Personalizing Your App

    Intro to App Revenue & Value

      - App Monetization Strategy
      - Paid v. Organic User Acquisition
      - App Store Optimization
  • Beef Up The Basics

    Optimizing an app & driving users to action comes down to some key best practices. In this section, you'll learn how to build killer app marketing campaigns & keep users coming back for more.

    App Analytics: Best Practices

      - Eight Critical Metrics
      - App User Segmentaion
      - A Cross-Section of Your Users

    App Marketing: Best Practices

      - Actionable Push & In-App Messages
      - Measuring Marketing Campaigns
      - Improving App Store Ranking

    Driving Value From Users

      - Optimizing Acquisition Strategy
      - Measuring User Retention
      - App User Lifetime Value
  • Explore Advanced Strategies & Tactics

    To take your app marketing to the next level, you'll need to exceed user expectations. There, you'll learn how to personalize the user experience, repeat valuable user behavior, & plan for future technology

    Advanced Analytics & Insights

      - Winning Conversion Funnels
      - Critical A/B Testing Best Practices
      - Splitting Your Funnels

    Individualizing the Experience

      - Tagging Events & Attributes
      - Event & Attribute Best Practices
      - Making It Personal

    Optimizing for Revenue Growth

      - The Technical Side of User Acquisition
      - Optimizing Future Spend
      - Measuring & Comparing Campaigns

    The Future Of Mobile

      - A Conversation With Your Users
      - Cross-Platform Marketing
      - Mobile Marketing Automation
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