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Bye-Bye Banner Blindness: How to Design App Remarketing Ads People Won’t Ignore

“Houston, we have a problem.”
“What’s wrong App-ollo 1000?”
“We keep broadcasting ads to re-engage user base 597, but nobody is responding.”

In the never-ending battle for consumer attention, brands have turned parts of the modern world into a giant, colorful, kaleidoscopic mess with sky-high billboards, glitzy TV spots, and flashy web ads following people everywhere they go. 

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8 Features You Absolutely Need in a Mobile CRM

“Mobile CRM” – it’s a fairly new term, but as a tool is growing increasingly crucial to marketers, developers and product managers. Your customers are going mobile, interacting with your brand on custom apps that help them get what they need, and sooner.

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5 Necessary Considerations for a Successful Apple Watch App

This article was originally published as a guest post on VentureBeat. You can view the original, here

The Apple Watch may very well transform the wearable market. But apps that live on the Watch need to get over a huge hurdle — turning downloads into users.

There is no denying that the Apple Watch offers a great deal of potential for businesses looking to influence the way customers interact with their brands. However, for app marketers, coming up with a formula that offers a meaningful app experience for the user may take a little time.

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App User Retention Improves in the U.S., but Declines Internationally

Today we are launching a new edition of our annual app user retention study which looks at loyalty and abandonment across our user base. 

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5 Things You Can Only Do With Integrated App Analytics & Marketing

Your goal is simple: to grow your app substantially and measurably by providing value to the end user.

How you accomplish this can be equally as simple, or equally as difficult, depending on the analytics and marketing platform you choose to use.

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Learn How to Create a Complete Customer Profile Using Data (in 7 Steps)

You might scan the title of this blog post and think, “Oh, you mean buyer personas or target market, right?” 


Despite their similarities, app buyer personas and customer profiles are not the same thing. The former is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal user. The latter refers to comprehensive composites of your actual users.

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6 Ways You Can Use Push Notifications Other Than for Broadcast Messages

“Broadcast” is a word that belongs in the realm of traditional radio, TV and print advertising where broader awareness was necessary and target audiences only limited your reach. That’s not the case in the new world of mobile.

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How These 5 Apps Delighted Their App Users with In-App Messages

Push messaging. The shining star of the app marketing world. Celebrated for its ability to retain and recover latent users, it's garnered the attention of the savviest app marketers. But in the shadow of this fame, an unsung hero has emerged: in-app messaging. What it lacks in the ability to touch users outside the app, it makes up for with an astute ability to customize and enhance the app user experience.

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[Infographic] Apps Making a Difference in the World

Go ahead. Visit Techcrunch or Venturebeat. Chances are you'll discover a new app you've never heard of, and it probably does something you didn't know was possible. Yes, that's the incredible world of apps we live in.

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We Fix These 4 Spammy App Marketing Messages Brands Actually Used

Riddle us this – if spam costs American consumers and firms nearly $20 billion each year, why on earth do brands continue to do it? Nobody likes it. Nobody wants it. So let’s solemnly swear to stop creating it.

Sadly, spam is part of every industry. It’s so prolific because often, brands can’t recognize their own spammy habits and tactics, or, they don’t know how to get noticed any other way. 

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