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How to Write a Push Notification: 8 Formulas to Get You Started

Not sure what push notifications you should be sending your mobile app users to get them to re-engage? If you're a developer who wants to grow your app, or a marketer just getting started with mobile marketing, it can be hard to know what exactly will engage your users.

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iPad 2 Still Reigns Supreme on Eve of Apple iPad Announcement

Tomorrow, October 16th, Apple is expected to announce their newest iteration of iPads. Last year, Apple announced two iPad models, the iPad Air and the iPad Mini with Retina Display. This year, a new model of the iPad Air is expected, but whether or not Apple will improve on their iPad Mini model is less clear.

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7 User Attributes For Targeting Your eCommerce Messaging Campaigns


Your app users are real people. So, why treat them as one homogenous group? At the heart of your marketing, there has to be the foundation that everyone is different, and each wants an experience that fit her interests.

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How to Win More Customers with Personalization

Coca-Cola accomplished something miraculous this past summer. The iconic soda manufacturer made sales rise for its sugary beverages for the first time in a decade, during a period when the American economy is trying to become healthier. 

Did Coca-Cola release a new flavor (perhaps called Fruit Coke or Vitamin Coke)? Did they offer crazy discounts? Did they get a celebrity bombshell to endorse the heck of out it in commercials?

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Introducing Profiles: A Personalized Approach to App Marketing and Analytics

In 2008, we saw the rise of a powerful app ecosystem and an opportunity to make the mobile app landscape successful for marketers and businesses of all sizes. Today marks a milestone in our journey to help organizations develop successful apps with the launch of Profiles, a people-centered and personalized approach to app marketing and analytics. 

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Introducing the Localytics App Launches Index

A new index to measure app user engagement trends.

Here at Localytics, the leading app marketing and analytics provider, we’ve just launched the Localytics App Launches Index. In addition to the Localytics App Stickiness Index that is released every quarter, the Localytics App Launches Index in another useful tool for marketers to examine aggregate mobile trends.

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Introducing the App Marketing Institute: Grow Your App

In the web world, marketers have been blogging for years about best practices and the different colored SEO hats, and it's made a significant difference in the effectiveness of our web marketing campaigns.

But mobile is different. Mobile is new. For many, it can be an uncharted sea of options. What works in my app? What doesn't? What should I be measuring, and what are the best practices? It’s been hard to find a reliable resource for all things app marketing and analytics. We were sick of it. That's why we built the App Marketing Institute.

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Large Screen Devices Show 34% More Time in App

With the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus met with record-breaking success, its time to delve into what we can expect with these new phones. One of the (literally!) biggest changes with Apples new phone is a departure from their standard 4 inch diagonal screen to a 4.7 inch iPhone 6 screen and a 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus screen an increase of 17.5% and 37.5% respectively!

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7 Things You Used to Do on The Web That You Now Do on Mobile Apps

When it comes to apps, here’s what developers and creators tend to forget: apps exist to make completion of a task easier. While there are many ways to utilize an app to drive revenue for your business, or to gain new prospects, the most effective apps are those that streamline and make better a completion process.

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What Is App Marketing?

So you’ve unlocked the secrets to understanding your app analytics. Now what exactly are you supposed to do with all this data?

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