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The 12 Mobile Apps of Christmas

The holiday season has long been a time of joy and... stress. There's often a lot to accomplish in a short period of time. Between Black Friday and office parties, gift giving and travel, striking the right balance for your planning can be tricky. 

However, the ubiquity of mobile apps has created a new way to prepare for and celebrate the holidays - all from the convenience of your smartphone. Here, we countdown the twelve mobile apps of Christmas, and how they can help your season to be merry and bright. 

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[Infographic] How & When You're Losing Your App Users

On average, smartphone users use 26 different apps every month. If your app is one of those lucky ones, it calls for a big hoorah, right? Well, not so fast. Just because your app is being used, doesn’t mean those users are interacting with it in valuable ways.

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5 Templates for Emails Your App Users Won’t Find Annoying

If you’re like me, one of the first things you do in the morning is clear your email of irrelevant promotional offers cluttering an (assuredly otherwise pristine) inbox. That is, after all, why Google redesigned Gmail to include the “Promotions” tab - to make it easier to bulk-delete all of that junk you only occasionally open.

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App Marketing Hacks for the New-to-Mobile Marketer

The web is your playground. Blogs? You could write them in your sleep. Emails? Easy as pie. SEO? You know every white hat tactic out there. You were born to be an online marketer baby. But as the months go by, you’re beginning to see a shift: your customers are moving away from websites to apps. Then your boss notices this trend too. 

And, like a sudden clap of thunder, you now have a new responsibility: to manage your company’s mobile marketing campaigns.

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State of the App: 2014 Review & 2015 Predictions

At Localytics, we love discovering insights around app marketing and analytics. These insights fuel the way marketers think about their users, using data-driven strategies to better understand and meet their customers needs.

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How Do You Know When Your App Users Are Ready to Convert? 8 Telling Signs

We’ve used the term “shopping cart” for years to indicate the online purchase queue found in online stores. It was only natural that when these stores transitioned to apps, the term would transition with it. While it serves its purpose, there is a major difference between that little icon in the top righthand corner of your app and a squeaky cart at Target. In the store, it’s a vehicle to transport all your items from the rack to the check-out (meaning, customers are ready to make a purchase). In your app though, it’s a mechanism to save items for possible purchase either now or in the future. Users can leave the app as often as they like without removing or buying items from their cart (imagine doing that in-store!).

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For the iPhone 5 and 4, Black Friday Began a Week Early

Whether you call it Grayish Friday or Black November, it’s increasingly clear that the days of lining up for sales on Black Friday are gone. With major retailers like Walmart and Amazon starting their deals a full week early on November 21st, the traditional appeal of Black Friday has lost its mojo. More and more retail stores are starting their deals earlier, hoping to grab consumers’ attention – and it’s working. 

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Your Guide to a Mobile-Dominated Cyber Monday [Infographic]

Once upon a time, Cyber Monday was about sitting on the couch in your polka-dot pajamas and mechanically visiting your favorite brands' websites to buy all those things you didn't get on Black Friday. But this year, Cyber Monday may as well be called Mobile Monday because 1 out of 3 online shoppers will be mobile. And 4 out of 5 mobile/tablet owners will use their devices to aid in the holiday shopping experience.

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Create a Better App in One Month: 30 Tested Tips

Take a look at your calendar. Chances are, your month is already packed with meetings, projects, and report-pulling that needs to happen. It seems there's already relatively little time to make actual improvements on anything.

Our schedule fills up quickly, and it can become difficult to make real, impactful marketing changes when there's so much to do to just keep the ship moving. But when it comes to your app, you need to be watching, analyzing and optimizing on an ongoing basis. 

So what can you accomplish in one month? We've put together a comprehensive list of some tried, true (and tested) tips for creating a better app in 30 days.  



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Why Are Great Apps Shying Away from Push Messages? (When They Shouldn’t Be)

Zack Morris. What a hunk.

In the early 90’s, his picture was plastered on teenage girls’ walls throughout the country. Besides his dashing looks and ability to sweet talk his way out of anything, he owned a cellular phone (a big deal back then). But phones were much simpler in the past. There were no apps. There was no caller ID. He actually had to answer it to find out Principal Belding was calling to tell him to get back to class.

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