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6 Common Media App User Segments (& How to Market to Them!) – Part II

If you and your smartphone were stranded on a deserted island and you could only download one app to pass the time, which one would it be? 

We’re willing to bet that the majority of people would pick a media app – because as much as we love our smartphones for their business productivity, we spend a lot of our mobile time consuming digital content.

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How to Use Push Messaging in Your Social Media App (Beyond the Basics)

Push messaging in social media apps can be tricky – you want to drive user engagement, but you also don’t want to irritate your users.

Do users care if someone likes their photo? Maybe they care, but enough to warrant a push message? When it comes to social media push messages, apps walk a very fine line.

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6 Common Media App User Segments (& How to Market to Them!) – Part I

We don’t jam out to music, read the news, or socialize like our grandparents used to – that’s for sure.

Retro radios, boxed television sets, and rotary phones have shed their former purpose and been transformed into home accents, antiques, and vintage wall décor. Since smartphones entered our lives, we’ve adopted completely new (read: digital) ways of learning and entertaining ourselves.

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4 Examples of App Emails That Rocked Our Socks Off

By now, reading and writing an email is a pretty mundane thing. We send and receive over 100 billion business emails per day (and that’s not even including all those “Yes, I’m alive and eating my veggies - don’t worry” emails to your mom). Email is second nature to us, and with an ROI of 4,300%, it’s also a safe marketing bet.  

But do you remember the last time you received an email and got excited? Inspired? Blown away? 

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Fickle Fashion: Retail Apps Challenged With Keeping Shoppers Coming Back

We hear it all the time; e-commerce is growing faster than we would ever have imagined.

Unsurprisingly, many believe that the future of retail, and more specifically e-commerce, lies within mobile apps. More and more purchases every year are made on mobile, and more specifically, within retail and e-commerce applications.

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16 Mobile Ad Acquisition Partners For Driving App Installs

Mobile ad networks allow you to advertise and promote your app across different web and mobile properties. There are tons of mobile ad acquisition partners to choose from, and today we’ll be detailing some of the best and brightest.

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50+ Mobile Marketing Terms You Need to Know

Mobile marketing is a fairly new field with its very own lexicon and lingo. Becoming a mobile marketing master requires that you know the terms of the trade. From SoLoMo to SDKs, we’re detailing all the must-know pieces of mobile lingo to get you up to speed.

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The Mobile Metrics Your Investors Actually Care About

There’s data that helps you make day-to-day execution decisions, and then there’s the data that represents important trends and showcases real traction to your board. Gathering the right metrics to shed light on your successes or failures becomes especially important in terms of calculating ROI and understanding where and how to grow your startup.

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Lessons From App Experts: How Reserve is Aiming to Change the Way We Dine Out

In this new series, we chat with leading app owners, creators and marketers to get their insights into what app success looks like and how they're engaging users. Plus: what do they see working when it comes to app messaging tactics, and how do they use analytics to inform marketing? If you want to participate, please email

For this installment, we chatted with Greg Hong of Reserve about how they are revolutionizing how mobile users approach restaurant reservations and handling the check. 

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on the Do’s and Don’ts of In-App Messaging

We write a lot about in-app messaging on this blog. After all, it is a key pillar of app marketing and we live and breathe app marketing. 

We’ve shared best practices, industry-leading data, and killer examples. But unless you’ve attended one of our webinars, we’ve never shared a handy-dandy one-pager on in-app messaging here.

Until now.

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