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How Apps are Changing the Roles of Product Managers and Marketers

Apps are changing the world. They are ushering in a new, engaged era by connecting people to brands in more intuitive, innovative, and actionable ways.

But you already knew that.

What you’re probably wondering is: now that apps are a big deal, how will they change what I do and what’s on my plate?

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How Do I Integrate My App With My Public Relations & Events Strategy?

This blog post is part 5 of our “How Do I Integrate My App Into My Marketing Ecosystem?” series. Read part 4 here.

The truth is, products and services rarely sell themselves. Stories sell stuff – stories that are worth repeating, worth sharing, and simply worthwhile.

The same is true for apps. Even if you build an app that does something incredible, it runs the risk of going unnoticed in app stores.You need to build a solid narrative around its purpose, convince influencers to share it, and showcase its genuine value to the public. 

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What Is Predictive App Marketing?

Five years ago, the promise of Big Data and the idea of understanding our customers and prospects on a deeper level was exciting. But the promise fell flat when it came to actually using that information to drive business decisions. Since those days, everyone has been rushing to hire data scientists or find new technologies that figure out what to do with all the data we now have at our grasp.

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How Do App Users Interact With Your Ads? [Animated Infographic]

Wouldn’t it be great if an app developer had access to their intended audience before launch rather than after? Maybe in a perfect world that would be possible, but this is reality. We know that the more information we have about a company’s end users the better off a developer is in creating an app that suits the target market. A kick-ass app can change the revenue opportunity for a company, especially in this mobile-centric day and age.

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How Do I Integrate My App With My Social Media Accounts?

This blog post is part 4 of our “How Do I Integrate My App Into My Marketing Ecosystem?” series. Read part 3 here.

If your only goal on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., is to build a massive following, you’re doing social media marketing wrong. Bestselling author, Jay Baer, put it best, “You need to activate your fans, don’t just collect them like baseball cards.”

Your app can help turn your passive social audience into powerful brand evangelists if you do these four things:

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9 Non-Spammy In-App Messaging Campaigns Your Users Want to See

Modern marketing has overhauled the way people interact with brands. Now, more than ever, the customer controls that relationship. This has lead to a significant evolution in terms of communication.

Unfortunately, it has also lead to spam; in email, social, pop-up ads. With each new channel there comes the opportunity for misuse and bad marketing. 

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How Do I Integrate My App With My Email Marketing?

This blog post is part 3 of our “How Do I Integrate My App Into My Marketing Ecosystem?” series. Read part 2 here.

Emails are a ubiquitous form of communication in the modern world. Did you know that the average person sends about 26 emails a day? And that 48% of these emails are opened on a mobile device?  

This presents both a problem and an opportunity for app marketers.

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How Do I Integrate My App With My Website?

This blog post is part 2 of our “How Do I Integrate My App Into My Marketing Ecosystem?” series. Read part 1 here.

In a world where websites are becoming more app-like and apps are becoming more powerful, is it possible for these two digital channels to coexist? Or, is one doomed to cannibalize the other?

The answer comes down to consumer behavior. People peruse websites, but they use apps. 

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How Do I Integrate My App Into My Marketing Ecosystem?

Is your app a well-integrated part of your marketing family? Or, is it sitting by itself on a lonely little island, disconnected from your other strategies?

Unless you’re a mobile-first company, your app probably wasn’t the first thing you built, nor is it the sole focus of your business, and maybe it wasn’t even created by your in-house marketing team (and that’s ok!). 

Naturally, it can feel like your app exists out there in the wild. But your app is an extension of your brand so you can’t leave it to fend for itself. 

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App Development & Success: Expectations vs. Reality

So, you're building an app. We'll be the first to tell you: it's a worthwhile project. The world is becoming more and more mobile, and apps are changing the way people interact with organizations and each other. Which is why apps have become so prevalent in our lives today, and are now key to the growth and success of brands, businesses and developers.

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