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Build vs. Buy: What’s the best solution for my app analytics?

There is something inordinately tempting about having complete control over the creation of your analytics platform.

But then again, few things compare to having a team of experts do it for you.

Thus the ongoing dilemma of build vs buy - particularly, when it comes to an analytics solution. Because of the prevalence of analytics today, it can often seem that the best option is to invest in creating a platform custom to your needs (it can’t be that difficult, right?). This is a completely valid approach, and it simply means you think the best possible solution is one that’s built internally. But what about the potential negatives to this approach? These are the elements that can be overlooked at the onset, and only become apparent after you’ve already invested too much time, money and resources.

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4 Best Practices for Creating Captivating, Cross-Channel App Marketing Campaigns (Plus Examples!)

Last night, I was up watching the latest season of New Girl via the Hulu Plus app on my Apple TV (full disclosure, this show rocks). Alas, I fell asleep before the episode was over, a sacrilegious act for a true fan.

In the morning, I rushed out the door feeling like a ghost with unfinished business. What happens next?

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Singular and Plural Keywords Put to the Test in the iOS App Store

About the Author: Evaldo Rossi is the Founder of WordData - App Store Optimization (ASO). Follow him on Google+ and check out his blog to learn more about ASO.



The App Store is a black box. Years ago, doing App Store Optimization (ASO) was like having an unfair advantage —the search engine was too rough, there were fewer apps and few people actually optimized their apps. 

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Mobile Report Card: We Grade These 3 Lifestyle Apps

Ask a band their genre, and they’ll say there’s no way to truly define their style. Ask an app developer to categorize their app, well, you’re probably Apple or Google.

One of the steps to submitting your app to either store is to assign a category to it. Unless your app involves riding a dirt bike or building epic civilizations, this task is harder than it sounds. Lifestyle apps, in particular, are some of the hardest to categorize.

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The 5 Biggest Benefits of Running Personalized App Marketing Campaigns

Your app users move too fast to stop for static experiences.

Mobile isn’t just a channel, it’s a lifestyle. It’s how your customers move about their days, and how they choose to interact with your brand. If you’ve spent the time to develop and launch an app, you’ve already invested in mobile behavior.

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Travel Apps: 3 Automated Push Campaigns You Absolutely Need to Try

Think about the last time you went on a trip: alone or with a group, for business or for pleasure, national or international. Was it a stress-free process? I’m going to bet that question is met with a resounding no.

That is, unless, you’ve got a smartphone stocked with travel apps.

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More iPhone 6’s Being Sold, but iPhone 6+ Shows Stronger User Engagement

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were first released on September 19th, and have been in the hands of eager early adopters for just over a month now. These two phones are markedly different from past iPhone models because of their larger 4.7 and 5.5-inch screens. Apple’s decision to enter the large-screen device market has been met with roaring success, and the data backs this up. 

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4 Worthwhile Ways to Act on Your User Profile Data (and See the Human Side of Mobile)

Have you ever watched Deal or No Deal and when the camera cuts to the banker, wondered, “Who the heck is this mysterious dude?” 

Sure, we can see what the banker is up to (crunching numbers on a laptop and making offers on a smartphone). But we don’t know who he is. 

This is how brands used to see their app users because until recently, the mobile world was devoid of profile data.

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How to Write a Push Notification: 8 Formulas to Get You Started

Not sure what push notifications you should be sending your mobile app users to get them to re-engage? If you're a developer who wants to grow your app, or a marketer just getting started with mobile marketing, it can be hard to know what exactly will engage your users.

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iPad 2 Still Reigns Supreme on Eve of Apple iPad Announcement

Tomorrow, October 16th, Apple is expected to announce their newest iteration of iPads. Last year, Apple announced two iPad models, the iPad Air and the iPad Mini with Retina Display. This year, a new model of the iPad Air is expected, but whether or not Apple will improve on their iPad Mini model is less clear.

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