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The Power of Push [Infographic]

Push messaging is a powerful tool to re-engage users who have left your app. But just sending generic, broadcasted messages to all users in your app is a poor strategy!

Over half of app users opt-in to receive push messages. Those users are allowing marketers to contact them outside of the app, and a wise app marketer will reward those users by sending personalized, meaningful content. This allows users who left your app to re-engage and move towards the actions that you want them to take, increasing engagement, conversions and in-app revenue!

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Push Messaging Drives 88% More App Launches

As previously reported by Localytics, 52% of people opt-in to push messages. This enables marketers to guide their users back into the app after periods of inactivity. But is push messaging really an effective tool to address the challenge of engaging users and keeping them coming back to your app?

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The 3 Pivotal P’s of Getting Your App Users to Opt-in to Push Messages

Gone are the days of buying lists and bombarding unsuspecting people with unsolicited advertising. Today, consumers have the power to allow (or block) marketing. As a result, companies have to first earn the right to communicate with their customers. In the mobile realm, apps win attention by intelligently employing the three pivotal P’s: persuasion, presentation, and people skills.


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52% of Users Enable Push Messaging on their Mobile Devices

With interactive push messaging being integrated in iOS 8, it’s clear that push is a crucial tool to re-engage users who have left your app. Remember from previous Localytics data that 1 in 5 apps are only used once! But just sending a broadcast push message to all your users is a poor strategy to get them to re-engage.

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How to Create an Internal Culture to Tackle Mobile


In previous posts, we’ve discussed tactics for selling your boss on mobile analytics & marketing, but what happens after he or she gives the go-ahead? Establishing a mobile-minded internal culture is critical to getting the most out of any mobile strategy. Without dedicated resources and deep understanding of how to tailor efforts to on-the-go consumers, your investments won’t see strong returns. In this post, we’ll outline what it takes to build a mobile-first culture and how it can impact growth.

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How to Do Awesome App Marketing [Infographic]

Here's what nobody tells you about launching an app: the marketing doesn't stop once you've accumulated downloads. In fact, downloads are only the beginning. 

Now that you have users, you need to know how to engage them long-term and turn their interactions into loyalty, and even revenue. Take a look at some of the engagement challenges brands encounter today, and how to overcome them with smart, targeted app marketing techniques in this new infographic!

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The World Wide App Manifesto

How to Win in a Brave, New, App-Driven World

Apps have become the primary way we interact with information. Globally, nationally and locally, app usage is not only growing; it’s dominating.

From the exceptional engineering happening at urban startups, to awesomely creative farmers selling sheep on Instagram in developing countries (see slide 15 - it’s a real thing), mobile and web apps now drive the world.

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6 Surefire Signs You Should Invest in Push and In-App Messaging

So, days and days of hard work finally came to beautiful fruition and you released an awesome app into the mobile space. For the past few weeks, you’ve optimized your app store listing, promoted your app through social, web, and email channels, and happily watched thousands of downloads trickle in. Now what?

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Know Your Users: What is the Difference Between Profile Data and Behavioral Data?

As app marketers, we spend so much time slicing and dicing analytics data, becoming so immersed in it, that it’s easy to lose touch with the fact that these are actual people interacting with your app (and not just numbers). But app users have feelings too! They have hometowns, favorite bands, teams, shoes and styles of music. Often, these user characteristics are the driving force behind all of this behavioral data. Through analytics, we can speculate on a lot of these user attributes. But wouldn’t it be nice to just know for sure? Well now you can with profile data!

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3 Automated Push Campaigns Every Health App Should Try

Mobile users have a fever, and the only prescription is more health apps. Every time we think we’ve seen it all, the bar is raised and the envelope is pushed. Everyone knows about the ubiquitous run tracking apps, but did you also know there’s an app that measures your heartbeat using the flash function on your phone? How about the app that records you talking in your sleep? Or even the judgmental weight tracking app?

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