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23% of Users Abandon an App After One Use

Mobile has emerged as a way of life for consumers. As mobile continues to grow in importance, so have consumers’ expectations for it. Unfortunately, businesses haven’t innovated at the same rate, which is one of the reasons we believe businesses are in a mobile engagement crisis.

The data proves it. The percentage of users who abandon an app after one use is now 23%, a slight improvement from the 25% we saw in 2015.

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New SlideShare: What Does An Awesome Push Notification Look Like?

As mobile users, we likely all have a push message horror story or two. Like the time that news app sent you updates on the president of Zimbabwe's election campaign at 4am, or the mCommerce app that seemed to be promoting their “final day flash sale” every day for two weeks.

Yes, it seems that many app marketers are still learning when it comes to perfecting the art of the push.

But what does a perfect push notification look like? We’re detailing the anatomy of the perfect push message in a new Slideshare presentation! Check it out:

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41 Tools To Help You Make Money With Your Free App


These days, saying that a mobile app is “free” only means that it’s free to download… but money can (and usually will) still change hands. But how do free apps make money?

 The fact is, most of the highest grossing apps on the market are free up-front, but monetize users in multiple ways on the back-end. Take a look for yourself at the current rankings for iPhone games right now: the vast majority of them are free games turning over enormous revenue.

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Celebrating Milestones: Our New Boston Headquarters

Last night, we welcomed 350+ friends, families and supporters to celebrate the opening of our new headquarters in Boston. It was quite the party!

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App Promotion 101: How to Get Customers Using Your App

Imagine this dilemma; you’re a marketer for a retail brand and you’ve convinced your boss that having a mobile app is a must in order to better engage with the modern consumer, resulting in higher revenue. Your boss agrees, and you get the budget you need to build the app. But now, you’re faced with an unexpected challenge; getting your customers to actually use your app.

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The Mobile Engagement Crisis - The Infographic

At Localytics, we believe businesses are in a mobile engagement crisis. Only a few companies are truly innovating in mobile, making the divide between companies and end-users grow bigger every day. With the frequent introduction of new devices and the increasingly cluttered app space, it is more and more difficult to keep users engaged. As a result, most signs are pointing towards failure if businesses don’t change course soon.

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How Has App Marketing Changed in the Last 2 Years?

Mobile devices have continued to develop at a rapid-fire pace ever since the first iPhone was released nearly a decade ago. With new features like Apple Pay and Siri voice recognition, our phones have also become our wallets and personal assistants, turning into the essential item we’d never dream of leaving home without.

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The Four Stages of Mobile Maturity - Where Do You Stand?

Where do you stand in the path to mobile maturity? According to Forrester Research, you’re likely to fall into one of four stages:

  1. Shrink and squeeze - The first stage in the path to mobile maturity is the one in which you simply apply your PC-based digital strategies to the mobile small screen.
  2. Mobile-first - In the second stage, you start to think about one of two mobile benefits - how mobile enhances your brand’s physical experiences or how you can leverage the unique features of mobile, such as location.
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5 Brands That Nailed Push Notifications This Mother's Day

Oh, Mother’s Day. The greeting card holiday that always manages to sneak up on you and leaves you scrambling to figure out what to get Mom last minute. Seems like a perfect opportunity for mobile marketers to flex their muscles and come to the rescue with gift ideas, right? Well, many did, and nailed it. Below are five awesome push notifications the Localytics’ team received this Mother’s Day weekend:

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The Difference Between Data, Analytics, and Insights

Data, analytics, and insights. Those words are thrown around a lot, but what do they really mean, and how do they relate to one another?

We’re sharing some insights of our own to show you exactly how this triad works.

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