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How These 5 Apps Delighted Their App Users with In-App Messages

Push messaging. The shining star of the app marketing world. Celebrated for its ability to retain and recover latent users, it's garnered the attention of the savviest app marketers. But in the shadow of this fame, an unsung hero has emerged: in-app messaging. What it lacks in the ability to touch users outside the app, it makes up for with an astute ability to customize and enhance the app user experience.

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[Infographic] Apps Making a Difference in the World

Go ahead. Visit Techcrunch or Venturebeat. Chances are you'll discover a new app you've never heard of, and it probably does something you didn't know was possible. Yes, that's the incredible world of apps we live in.

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We Fix These 4 Spammy App Marketing Messages Brands Actually Used

Riddle us this – if spam costs American consumers and firms nearly $20 billion each year, why on earth do brands continue to do it? Nobody likes it. Nobody wants it. So let’s solemnly swear to stop creating it.

Sadly, spam is part of every industry. It’s so prolific because often, brands can’t recognize their own spammy habits and tactics, or, they don’t know how to get noticed any other way. 

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Lessons From App Experts: How Drync's Brian Carr Retains Users

In this new series, we chat with leading app owners, creators and marketers to get their insights into what app success looks like and how they're engaging users. Plus: what do they see working when it comes to app messaging tactics, and how do they use analytics to inform marketing? If you want to participate, please email

For our first installment we asked Brian Carr, the COO of Drync, about how the optimize their app to drive business. 

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A Free Resource for App Feature Development

In a sea of incredible, suitable, and mediocre apps, how do you ensure that yours stands out? The answer differs depending on who you're talking to: app marketers will tell you it's push and in-app messaging that differentiates the good from the great, whereas a CEO might say it's the underlying company offering (outstanding products or a key service). 

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How to Measure Brand Awareness with Your App

Red Bull doesn’t sell an energy drink. It sells the fuel that powers people through adventure sports. Disney doesn’t sell movie or park tickets. It sells the chance to be surrounded by fairytales, dreams, and magic. Apple doesn’t sell phones. It sells innovation that redefines what’s possible.

Businesses live and die by their brand. If you can get people to believe in who you are, above what you sell, you’ve unlocked the secret to long-term survival. 

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Get Started with Mobile Marketing Automation

If we've been convinced of anything this past year, it's that mobile is about creating valuable and personalized experiences, especially when it comes to your app. Users are demanding sophisticated experiences and are searching for the apps that deliver. In order to do this, you need the right information and content at the right time. 

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3 Proven Ways to Better Measure Your User Acquisition Campaigns

How would you grow an app? Would you put ads up on Facebook, start a Google adWords account, or write a blog about it? How would you measure the success of each campaign?

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How to Review Your App Analytics in 10 Minutes a Day

Let’s face facts: you’re busy. Like, really busy.

So busy that it can be a challenge to dedicate time and thoughtful analysis to your app metrics. It’s easy to get lost in meetings, to-dos, and the never-ending stream of email that floods your inbox daily. So what does it take to ensure your app is being looked after?

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Why Your App Should Actually Be Saving You Marketing Dollars

When it comes to marketing a large organization or small startup, the issue is always the same: how do I divvy up and stretch my budget to make sure we meet our goals and utilize all of our channels effectively? This leads to prioritization of tactics, tools and promotion channels based on costs and required resources. 

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