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How to Avoid the App Churn Risk Window [Infographic]

The speed-dating phenomenon has made its way into mobile. People love to download and try new apps; the challenge is getting them to commit and come back. 

Savvy app marketers know that they must make a great first impression and then act quickly to convince users to return to their app, before they’re gone for good. In fact, there is a 60% chance that users who don’t come back to your app within seven days will never return.

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App Monetization: 6 Bankable Business Models That Help Mobile Apps Make Money

Why are you building an app? Yes, you want to cultivate loyalty, create company awareness, gain new mobile customers, provide a benefit, and more. Often, mobile apps are another marketing channel for your brand and after everything you’ve put into getting it launched, you also expect it to be a solid source of revenue.

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The 2014 Push Awards - Best and Worst Push Messages of the Past Year

Roll up the red carpet and put away the cameras. This year’s main mobile event isn’t taking place on the big stage, it’s on the Internet. May we introduce to you, The 2014 Push Awards. In this first annual ceremony, we will be presenting the awards for the best, and the worst, push notifications throughout the past year. We’ll try to stay away from the cheesy, canned jokes, but we can’t guarantee it.

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iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Still Dominate As Apple Prepares for Announcement

Tomorrow, Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 6. With anticipation building for the announcement, one question looms large: will we get two new iPhones, or one? Apples experiment to release two iPhones last year, the iPhone 5s and the cheaper iPhone 5c, was initially met with mixed reviews by critics, but resulted in record revenue the following quarter. Tomorrow the world will find out if Apple will repeat this strategy by launching multiple iPhones, or go back to releasing just one iPhone this year, the iPhone 6.

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6 Reasons Not to Invest in App Analytics & Marketing [Slideshare]

We're a company whose primary purpose is to help your app grow: so, of course, we're huge proponents (and vendors) of app-specific analytics and marketing. And the subject of this post isn't a trick to gain your attention. Rather, it's a way to introduce a solution.

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on the Do’s and Don’ts of Push Messaging

Despite their name, the best push messages are not “pushy.” The most successful mobile apps carefully tie content, timing, and frequency together to create a push notification strategy that is mutually beneficial for both the brand and its app users. 

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Everything You Need to Know to Create Actionable App Buyer Personas

Who’s your app’s most important decision-maker? Hint: It’s your boss. But chances are you don’t know him or her as well as you should. We’re not referring to your internal company manager; we’re talking about your app user, the one who dictates how successful your app will be by spending his or her time (and in many cases, money,) using it. For this reason, as app marketers, your primary job is to understand your users so well that your app fits seamlessly into their lives and seemingly sells itself. 

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The 8 Things You Need to Do to Get Your App Ready for the iPhone 6 Launch

Apple’s September announcements always bring out the excitement (or the ire) of technology experts, enthusiasts, journalists and startups. We crunch the numbers, report the statistics, and make predictions on what these changes mean for the mobile industry.

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To Use the Bot or Not? 5 Use Cases for App Marketing Automation

The concept of automation deserves more overt praise because it has been nothing short of revolutionary for many industries. Automation (particularly smart app marketing automation) can be a time-saving, revenue-maximizing, and happiness-eliciting addition to your mobile marketing plan.

In this article, we’ll review exactly what app marketing automation is, dismantle the biggest hesitation to employ it, and present five use cases where app marketing automation actually works better than human effort.

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Organic & Paid Acquisition: How to Put Together a Foolproof Plan to Gain More App Users (in 6 Steps!)

Have you heard of Spork or Foodspotting? These are both apps that help people find delicious food, but only one survived. What’s the difference between Flickr and Instagram? These are both photo-editing and photo-sharing apps, but one is far more profitable. 

The reality of the mobile universe is that truly unique ideas are hard to come by (there’s likely already an app for that). Today, success is less about how creative your app is, and more about how many people get value from it.

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