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Why Your App Should Actually Be Saving You Marketing Dollars

When it comes to marketing a large organization or small startup, the issue is always the same: how do I divvy up and stretch my budget to make sure we meet our goals and utilize all of our channels effectively? This leads to prioritization of tactics, tools and promotion channels based on costs and required resources. 

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7 User Segments Finance Apps Should Be Targeting (and Which Campaigns to Run!)

It may come as no surprise, but the United States is the richest economy in the world, with a colossal $17.5 trillion in purchasing power. What is jaw dropping though, is how woefully bad Americans are at managing their personal finances. 

How bad? 

About a third of Americans don’t have any emergency savings and the average American household with at least one credit card has nearly $15,950 in credit card debt. 

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Grade Your ASO with the App Listing Rater

There's been a lot written about the importance of App Store optimization (ASO) on the discoverability of your app - in fact, we did a series on it. Much like SEO before it, ASO is critical to creating and maintaining an app listing that attracts users and encourages downloads. Without the right keywords, ratings, and relevant content, you risk going unnoticed. 

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Do You Know How Web Metrics Translate into App Analytics? [Quiz]

Using web metrics to measure the success of your mobile efforts is like using a ruler to measure a curve – tough, inaccurate, and not designed for the job. 

People behave differently on the web versus in apps. Online, consumers turn to websites when they are searching for information, but they launch apps when they are looking to efficiently complete a task. That’s why web metrics are best equipped to measure content consumption, while app analytics are designed to measure user engagement.

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How Do I Integrate My App With My Brick-and-Mortar Locations?

This blog post is the 7th and final part of our “How Do I Integrate My App Into My Marketing Ecosystem?” series. Read part 6 here.

For many things in life, like ordering food, booking a vacation, or even finding your significant other, there’s an app (or maybe 50) that can manage the whole process for you.  

But in other cases, businesses still need to operate brick-and-mortar stores because they cannot deliver their main offering solely through a digital channel, no matter how robust technology gets. 

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App User Engagement and Retention On the Rise

One of the basic measurements of an app’s health is the number of times it is launched, or opened, in any given period. Seeing the number of launches trend up and to the right over time is a good signal of an app’s usefulness because it means users are engaging with the app often.

According to our data, that upward trend is happening.

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8 Unconventional Ways to Source New App Feature Ideas

Let's face it. Analytics aren't going away any time soon. They tell too powerful a story, and should be driving a lot of the new features you develop in your app. But brands are built on more than just data, they're built on emotional connections with your users. When developing new updates for your app to better connect with your userbase, sometimes you need to go beyond the numbers, and that can mean sourcing ideas in unconventional ways. Below are eight unique ways to source your next app feature.

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What is App Remarketing?

Do you ever feel like your favorite brands are following you online?

Let’s say you go to Amazon and look at this awesome pair of sneakers:

Seconds later, you open Facebook and see this ad:

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How Do I Integrate My App With My Traditional Marketing Channels?

This blog post is part 6 of our “How Do I Integrate My App Into My Marketing Ecosystem?” series. Read part 5 here.

People have been predicting the end of outbound marketing for years and years. But outbound marketing has limped on in a valiant effort to defy its naysayers. 

Ironically, apps have both contributed to traditional media’s demise (by competing for time share) and also helped it survive (by making it more engaging).

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How Apps are Changing the Roles of Product Managers and Marketers

Apps are changing the world. They are ushering in a new, engaged era by connecting people to brands in more intuitive, innovative, and actionable ways.

But you already knew that.

What you’re probably wondering is: now that apps are a big deal, how will they change what I do and what’s on my plate?

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