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iPhone 6S / 6S Plus Show Lower Adoption Rates Than 2014 Models

Prior to Apple’s announcement on September 9th about the launch of the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, as well as iOS 9, our data showed that the iPhone 6 was the dominant iPhone model in the market, holding a 30% market share.

Now, one week into the launch of Apple’s iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and two weeks into the launch of iOS 9, we looked at the data again to understand the current market share and user adoption rates.

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12 Mobile App Marketing Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices [New SlideShare]

Being an app marketer isn’t always easy – apps are still new and many businesses are still exploring and navigating the app world without much in the way of roadmaps, Lewis-and-Clark-style. 

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4 Ways App Marketers Can Prevent Churn & Increase Conversion

If you’re an app marketer, chances are you’re terribly concerned about the “Two C’s” - conversion & churn.

They are the big win and the ultimate fear. The light and the dark. The high hope and the crashing blow.

OK, so that’s a little dramatic, but you understand the underlying intent. All marketers hope that they can get customers to convert and continue their relationships, just as all marketers hope they can simultaneously prevent churn. It’s all a necessary part of creating and facilitating engagement at every step of the app user lifecycle.

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10 Quick Questions to Test Your Mobile Marketing Mastery [Quiz]

Have you ever wondered if your app marketing know-how is up to par?  

Sure, you read a lot of blogs, news publications, industry reports, and eBooks. Maybe you even listen to a podcast or webinar from time to time. 

But are you actually learning and retaining stuff? Or, does this information go in one ear and disappear out the other faster than toupees in a hurricane? 

Want to find out? 

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How to Keep Your App Users With the 3x3 Rule

With so many apps available to today's mobile users, there's a strong risk that your users might be distracted or wooed to some other app - or simply become inactive. In fact, 58% of app users churn in the first 30 days after they download your app, on average. And, over the first three months, 75% of app users will churn.

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The Emotional Power of Emojis: How to Use Emojis in App Push Messages

Whether you feel  or  about emojis, they’re a major part of mobile modern life. Those little mobile emojis are a big deal – with Apple recently releasing new and updated emojis, complete with a variety of skin tones, it’s clear that the importance and value of emojis should not be taken at face value.

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iOS 9: Apple Shuts Down the Mobile-Web Gravy Train, Forcing Publishers to Prioritize App Development

Apple’s support of ad-blocking technology in the upcoming release of iOS 9 puts the $70 billion global mobile ad market at risk, forcing publishers to rethink their mobile strategies.

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5 Key Components of a Solid Mobile Marketing RFP

There's a lot that goes into making a great app. You know this because it's probably a process you recently experienced.

Big brands today are making the investment in mobile or web apps as a critical component of a cohesive business strategy. And once you've gone through the planning, building and launch of your app, you need to be able to:

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How to Identify the Churn Risk Factors in Your App

Plus 28 Examples of Churn Factors Across Four Verticals

We all know that preventing churn is critical to retaining customers and improving your bottom line. Nowhere is this more important today than in your app; a channel built with the primary purpose of keeping users engaged and interacting with you again and again. 

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4 Reasons You Need Purpose-Powered App Analytics

Understanding and tracking analytics is essential for the success of your app. Analytics can provide insight into how users engage with your app, where they drop off, and much more.

Analytics are powerful and valuable, but can be dangerous as well.

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