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Lessons From App Experts: How Reserve is Aiming to Change the Way We Dine Out

In this new series, we chat with leading app owners, creators and marketers to get their insights into what app success looks like and how they're engaging users. Plus: what do they see working when it comes to app messaging tactics, and how do they use analytics to inform marketing? If you want to participate, please email

For this installment, we chatted with Greg Hong of Reserve about how they are revolutionizing how mobile users approach restaurant reservations and handling the check. 

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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on the Do’s and Don’ts of In-App Messaging

We write a lot about in-app messaging on this blog. After all, it is a key pillar of app marketing and we live and breathe app marketing. 

We’ve shared best practices, industry-leading data, and killer examples. But unless you’ve attended one of our webinars, we’ve never shared a handy-dandy one-pager on in-app messaging here.

Until now.

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Why In-App Messaging Is the Solution to Your Advertising Woes

Finding the right monetization strategy for your app can make or break your mobile ROI, and often the search, model criteria and selection process comes down to specifics about how users will interact specifically with your app. One model that works for many apps is monetizing using in-app advertising. 

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3 Ways First-Party Data Can Boost your Mobile Advertising Campaigns

Data is the oil of the 21st century: a substance which, if processed and refined the right way, can power your business to new heights.

Today, as a mobile app publisher, you are effectively sitting on an oil well waiting to be tapped. You own important data about your app users: you know who they are (to a variable extent) and what they do within your app. This so-called “first-party data” can be leveraged, both in the fields of product and marketing. Product is naturally the most obvious application; how your

users use and engage with your app indeed has direct implications for the next feature developments.

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Making Customers Happy in the Age of Options: Reduce Churn & Retain App Users

We are in the time of the consumer.

Technology has been the catalyst for putting the purchasing power in the hands of your customer. It has created a market in which consumers can use search, online reviews, friend recommendations, banner ads, research reports, and countless other resources to research, review and choose a product or service. This is a spectacular evolution in capitalism, nationally and globally.

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3 Tips for Perfecting Your ASO Strategy

With the rise of the freemium app business model, more and more apps are releasing free versions of their app. But free or not, they still take up some valuable, highly coveted space on the user’s homescreen. So how do you show the value of your app to a perusing user? App Store Optimization, or ASO. By integrating these three tips into your ASO mix, you’ll be well on your way to optimizing your app to capture the most potential downloads.

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3 Reasons Why Apps Need Email

If apps are the future, email just seems so...1998.

If you search “email is dead” you will find this article, and this article, and many more like them, typically outlining why one or another “next big thing” messaging platform is finally putting the nail in the inbox coffin. So why should app marketers care about email?

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In-App Messages Drive 3.5X Higher User Retention [New Research]

In-app messages are a great communication tool for engaging (or re-engaging) users who are already using apps. Yet, many app owners wonder how to create content that isn’t viewed as spam and doesn’t detract from the user experience. 

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Bye-Bye Banner Blindness: How to Design App Remarketing Ads People Won’t Ignore

“Houston, we have a problem.”
“What’s wrong App-ollo 1000?”
“We keep broadcasting ads to re-engage user base 597, but nobody is responding.”

In the never-ending battle for consumer attention, brands have turned parts of the modern world into a giant, colorful, kaleidoscopic mess with sky-high billboards, glitzy TV spots, and flashy web ads following people everywhere they go. 

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8 Features You Absolutely Need in a Mobile CRM

“Mobile CRM” – it’s a fairly new term, but as a tool is growing increasingly crucial to marketers, developers and product managers. Your customers are going mobile, interacting with your brand on custom apps that help them get what they need, and sooner.

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