10 Quick Questions to Test Your Mobile Marketing Mastery [Quiz]


Have you ever wondered if your app marketing know-how is up to par?  

Sure, you read a lot of blogs, news publications, industry reports, and eBooks. Maybe you even listen to a podcast or webinar from time to time. 

But are you actually learning and retaining stuff? Or, does this information go in one ear and disappear out the other faster than toupees in a hurricane? 

Want to find out? 

We’ve built a new mobile marketing quiz that’ll put your skills to the test. 


Introducing the Great Mobile Marketing Trivia Challenge

Wait, wait … don’t go. 

We know we said, “quiz” and that word can seem scary, but we promise this isn’t a long, boring one. This quiz contains 10 questions from “The Great Mobile Marketing Trivia Challenge,” a Jeopardy-style deck that arms you with a wealth of mobile data and best practices, and lifts the curtain on what other leading apps are doing to delight users. 

Plus, studies have shown that quizzes make you smarter, help you learn better, and improve your memory.

So, try this one out for good measure. Then, download the full version with all of the bells and whistles of an interactive training tool and give that a go!

Free Resource: The Great Mobile Marketing Trivia Challenge by Localytics