3 Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns to Try Today

3 cross channel marketing campaigns featured imageThe number of ways consumers can interact with a brand today is astounding.

Any given customer uses a multitude of channels to shop, share, read, browse, evaluate, locate, and make purchases.

In fact, 43% of consumers are more likely to purchase when mobile messages are part of a marketing experience that unfolds across different channels over time.

If you’re not incorporating mobile into your marketing strategy, there’s a good chance you’re not appealing to those prospects who are actively asking for more interactivity. Many app owners are missing out on an opportunity to create a seamless experience across all channels and devices, one that leads to more purchases and greater brand loyalty.


The Big New World of Targeting

Effective targeting is dependent on gathering accurate data about your users, prospects, and customers. Today, many of these practices, particularly when it comes to web, are considered questionable. Privacy concerns are valid, and not something to be overlooked – but when done right, targeting meets user expectations, and even surpasses them.

The key to winning with consumers is by collecting data responsibly and using it to provide highly relevant offers or content that benefit the end user in some way.


Using Behavioral and Profile Data

Profile data is a collection of individual user attributes, such as location, gender, customer type, credit, email opens, and more, that includes user data gathered across every channel (including your app, in-store, online, email, and others).

Using profile data in conjunction with behavioral data, or, how your user uses your app, you can gain a clear look into who your user is and how he or she likes to interact with your brand. Your user expects a seamless experience across each channel, and collecting, maintaining and building on this data is the way to ensure that!


Campaign #1: Offer mobile discount to users who purchased in-store

Brick-and-mortar stores need a mobile strategy, that’s no secret! But with profile data, you can now take that relationship to the next level by capitalizing on in-store programs and purchasing behaviors.

eCommerce discount push message
You have an in-store rewards program that has been hugely successful in encouraging purchases among repeat buyers. You want to channel this behavior to mobile so that more purchases are made through your app.

Segment: Using profile data, segment your app users who are also reward members and who have made an in-store purchase in the past month.

Campaign: Send your segment of users a push message with a 25% off discount as part of their rewards program for mobile purchases. This kind of campaign capitalizes on in-store loyalty and promotes in-app purchases with a mobile-specific offer.




Campaign #2: Encourage credit usage to online users with items added to cart

The check out process isn’t unique to eCommerce – any paid service that offers online purchasing needs to consistently incentivize buying. Using campaigns across channels encourages purchase completion on the consumer’s time and in the most convenient manner possible (be that web or app).

Encourage users who received a $20 credit online to purchase in the app.

Segment: Customers who have received the $20 credit when they added an item to their cart on the website, but have yet to use it.

Campaign: An in-app campaign with a reminder of the credit andthat there are items waiting in their cart. This could be sent upon app open, or after the user has viewed a product screen. This increases mobile purchases, improves cart abandonment, and rewards the user.




Campaign #3: Target print subscribers with reduced price digital subscription

News and media apps are in a particularly creative position when it comes to cross-channel promotion. Readers are increasingly consuming content on the go, opening up opportunities for more subscriptions.

In-App-News App Example
You want to promote your pub’s content cross-channel and, in particular, increase digital subscriptions.

User segment: Tracking “article read” as the behavioral event, you can create a segment of users who are print subscribers and who have read an article in the app in the past seven days.

Campaign: Anin app message that offers a reduced price digital subscription, which encourages mobile usage, rewards in-app purchasing, and increases content consumption across channels.





Listen & Learn

With campaigns on any channel, your users, prospects and customers are going to tell you what they want and don't want. Optimizing your marketing isn't just about creating an omni-channel experience, it is also about tailoring it to make your audience happy. This means listening and reacting to feedback, be it positive or negative, and altering your campaigns to follow suit. This becomes more complex (but even more important) when it involves multiple channels, but stick to delighting your users, and you'll see results.

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