3 Metrics News Apps Should Track - Whiteboard Wednesday

In this week's Whiteboard Wednesday video, Director of Online Marketing Daniel Ruby walks us through three important metrics for news and media apps.



Hi, my name is Daniel Ruby, and welcome to another Localytics Whiteboard Wednesday. Today we’re talking news apps, and specifically, three key metrics you need to track in your news app.


Most Engaging Sections

Do you have a sports section? Entertainment? Car reviews? If so, does it matter to your readers? Knowing what sections of your app are the most engaging can help you direct resources, both financial and promotional.

But an “engaging” section isn’t just a section with a large number of readers. Look at how often readers of particular sections launch your app on a weekly basis, how long they spend in your app, and how often they act on conversion events like paying to subscribe or sharing via social media.

To do this, you can create user segments based on the sections of your app they engage with the most and directly compare engagement side-by-side.

If a section of your app that’s half buried in your navigation has your most engaged users, it might be time to bump it up in the app structure and give it some more face time.


Getting From Here to There

The navigation structure of a news app is important, as it allows app developers to help guide users to the content they most want to consume. No matter how cool your navigation is, though, it’s only good if users interact with it.

Take The Daily, for example. When they launched, they had a very cool, innovative carousel as their table of contents. It was interactive. It was interesting. Unfortunately, it wasn’t being used, because it was too complex. So they took what they learned from their users, listened, and simplified the navigation.

Understanding how your users are moving through your app is key to ensuring they consume as much content per session as possible.


Online and Offline

One unique challenge of apps vs. websites is that an app doesn’t have to be connected to the Internet to be used. Some apps take advantage of this by downloading issues directly to users’ phone storage.

How you handle offline usage depends on how often your app is launched offline. If you find that your users are trying to consume your content while offline, then it’s imperative that you make it available offline - download chunks of content on start.


Download the Full Guide

This has been a quick look into three important metrics for news apps to track. For more in-depth best practices on news app analytics, go to Localytics.com/resources and download our best practices guide to news app analytics.

Again my name is Daniel Ruby, thank you for joining us for this Localytics Whiteboard Wednesday, and we look forward to seeing you again next week.

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