The 3 Most Innovative Brands Attending eTail East

While preparing for a conference, attendees often ask themselves two questions. Firstly, "what sessions should I attend?", and secondly, "am I on the guest-list for best post-conference events?". Don't worry, we've got your back! Localytics, DEG and Nanigans are hosting an exclusive patio party on August 8th at Dillon's Boston. Keep reading to learn more about the three must-attend sessions for marketers attending eTail East 2018. 

1. Rue La La

Session: Shoppable, Custom Branded Content

Speaker: Craig Kapilow, Senior Director, Integrated Marketing at RueLaLa

2018 has been an exciting year for Rue La La. The online shopping brand purchased Gilt, a flash-sale, e-commerce company for an undisclosed sum. Rue La La plan to use this acquisition to strengthen their mobile strategy as 60 percent of sales from both retailer’s sites are coming from mobile devices, while there’s only a 15 percent overlap in customers. When asked to comment on the current retail climate at Retail’s Big Show, Rue La La CEO, Mark McWeeny, stated that “retailers need to innovate quickly, leverage technology, pick your priorities and go after those priorities very aggressively”.

The Rue La La team has clearly put this advice into practice as the brand is consistently delivering valuable customer experiences. The brand’s current marketing mix consists of a number of emerging marketing technology platforms that help Rue La La target customers via shoppable content, mobile messaging and native advertising campaigns. Make sure to add Craig’s session to your agenda to learn more about how Rue La La is making a big impact in 2018 by creating contextual advertising that seamlessly intersects content and commerce.

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2. Boxed 

Session: Building A Retail Marketing Function

Speaker: Jackson Jeyanayagam, CMO at Boxed

Boxed is a wholesale e-tailer which sells groceries and household supplies in bulk via mobile app and desktop, complimented by fast, free, home delivery. Former Head of Digital at Chipotle and current CMO at Boxed, Jackson Jeyanayagam, recognizes that 2018 is a challenging yet exciting time for marketers. The startup CEO revealed his personal tagline to Forbes last year: “marketing is half heart and half science”. Jeyanayagam explained that today’s most successful brands are those building their marketing strategies around core values. Marketers that trust their hearts and leveraging powerful data when making decisions will experience success in the digital age.

In 2016, Boxed became one of the first retailers to publicly support the Pink Tax Revolution, rejecting gender-based price discrimination by absorbing the price difference on items marketed towards men and women. The brand also absorbs the sales tax added to female hygiene products as part of the #RethinkPink movement, stating that “periods are not a luxury”a perspective shared by women everywhere.

When asked about the brand’s growth strategy, the CMO expressed that Boxed is committed to “doing the right thing because we can, thinking about the customer first and telling that story to the masses is going to be critical for us in 2018 and beyond as we grow and scale to the next level”. Add Jackson’s session to your eTail East agenda to learn more about how the CMO is building a bright (pink) future by blending creativity, culture and innovation at Boxed.

3. Fresh Direct 

Session: Growing Your Digital Business With A Focus On Fast, Fresh & Easy

Speaker: PJ Oleksak, Chief Growth Officer at Fresh Direct  

Headquartered in NYC, FreshDirect is the Northeast's leading online fresh food grocer. FreshDirect launched the FoodKick app in 2016 to provide city-residents with an on-demand food delivery service that offers everything from local produce and meal kits to cold beverages.

Chief Growth Officer, PJ Oleksak, oversees both FoodKick and FreshDirect at the office, two of the company’s main divisions. She’s also responsible for the geographical and business expansions of those divisions. Oleksak has been a key part of FreshDirect’s innovative growth strategy, focusing on constantly testing new products and ways to better serve customers. Fresh Direct is offering delivery service to users residing in the Hamptons, Montauk, and Jersey Shore during the summer months. PJ Oleksak proudly announced that FreshDirect will offer users “everything needed for the perfect summer in just a few clicks to ensure our customers have more time to spend with family and friends while sharing the very best food”. The online fresh food grocer recently made headlines by trading cardboard delivery boxes for reusable shopping bags, delighting customers that value sustainability. Learn more about how Fresh Direct is thriving in a highly competitive market by attending PJ’s session at eTail East.

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