3 Quick Ways to Make Your App More Lucrative and Lovable

Loveable app featured imageMove over Princess and Prince Charming, a new type of love is sweeping the globe – and although it is a little unorthodox, this love is still founded on principles of compatibility, happiness, and exclusivity. The love in question is the growing connectedness that people have begun to feel for their smartphones.

In fact, the average person checks their phone 110 times a day and 44% of cellphone users have slept with their phones by their side so that they don’t miss a notification. Mobile devices are creating an addictive type of love that is causing people to spend more and more time with their cherished smartphone or tablet.

So with all this time spent using on-the-go gizmos and gadgets, how can you ensure your app is also addictive enough to make money? Here are three love lessons to help mobile marketers earn a piece of your app user’s heart and spending hand.


Love Lesson #1: Use In-App Messages to Create Compatibility

AKA The “Let’s get to know each other” Stage

Every loving relationship is built upon mutual understanding. In layman’s terms, it means that you “get” how the other works – you know their motivations, goals, and quirks. When it comes to apps, mobile marketers need to make sure people understand how their app operates and how to best use it.

For example, you can employ in-app messages to guide new users through the key components of your app when they first launch it, thus laying the foundation for easy, long-term adoption. It takes effort for someone to download, install, and set-up an app, but very little effort to delete it. What’s more, a recent study we conducted found that 20% of apps are used just once. If mobile marketers use in-app messages to give new users a tour of their app, they create a great first impression and increase the chances that their users will come back. This is how love at first sight can turn into a long-term relationship.

And as any frugal marketer knows, the best way to start generating profits is to start saving money. It’s much cheaper to retain users/customers than it is to gain new ones. In-app messages can improve the on-boarding experience and create harmony between your brand, your app, and your target audience so one-shot users turn into power players with a high lifetime value.


Love Lesson #2: Use Push Notifications to Communicate Happiness and Rewards

AKA The “Let me shower you with gifts” Stage

Who is the first person you tell when you have some good news? What do you do if they’re not around? Chances are, it’s your significant other because they’ll share in your joy and if they’re not nearby, you’ll find another way to get their attention (like phone or email).

In the world of apps, mobile marketers should use push messages to share good news (like special deals) with their users even when they aren’t actively using your app. For instance, you can send a push message to your users who have historically added items to their wish list, but never completed an in-app purchase. This push message can announce a discount or sale to entice users to return and redeem a limited time offer.

The bottom line is people love to be rewarded, and push messages are a fantastic way of alerting users about cool things as they become available. Mobile marketers can use push notifications as a catalyst to encourage latent users to continually re-engage with their app. Remember, highly engaged users are also high converting users, meaning engagement directly correlates with your app’s ability to generate cash flow.


Love Lesson #3: Use Personalized Push and In-App Messages to Convey Exclusivity

AKA The “It’s just me and you” Stage

As cliché as it sounds, love is unique – and each person experiences it differently. Similarly, mobile marketers need to deliver personalized app marketing to build solid relationships with their users. In other words, the best push and in-app messages seem exclusive and specially designed for each user that receives them.

Think about that time your friend sent you your favorite flowers or favorite box of doughnuts. How excited were you to get something so personal (and how much more did you immediately start liking your friend)? If you want to make your app more lovable, customize your in-app and push messages to take user preferences, likes, dislikes, etc. into account. For example, you can tailor the look-and-feel as well as the content of both types of app marketing campaigns to take unique user segments into account.

As the mobile space matures, you’ll be able to do a lot more personalization (like incorporating someone’s name) to create truly “just-for-you” offers. Imagine being able to target push and in-app messages based on user information from outside the app. With profiles, you’ll have a wealth of data at your disposal to help you connect one-on-one with users. And the more exclusive offers you deploy, the more fish will bite thus boosting your monetization strategy.


App Love Doesn’t Need to be Complicated

They say love is complicated. While it is true that person-to-person love can be a wild roller coaster ride, person-to-app love can be relatively simpler to earn and retain if you play your cards right. And by cards, we mean if you employ the best app marketing strategy possible.

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