3 Real-Life Examples of Killer App Marketing

Man, there is so much bad marketing out there. From ugly websites to spammy emails to long, boring commercials. Sometimes, it can be frustrating to be a marketer and be surrounded by awful advertising. Bad marketing makes us sad. And customers have learned to filter it out. That’s why when something wonderful catches our eye; we just have to share it.

Here are three examples of truly killer app marketing that had us at first sight/swipe. They soar above and beyond mediocrity because they incorporate all the best practices of push and in-app messaging campaigns and have that extra touch of creativity, beauty, and usefulness. 

It is said that great leaders inspire greatness in others. In that same vein, we hope this real-life showcase will help you improve your own app marketing campaigns. Check out a few of our killer picks below and read about what makes them awesome. (P.S. if you want to see our full collection, grab our free eBook!)