3 Apps That Understand The Power of App Inbox

Read Time: 5 min

Mobile app marketers - are you using an app inbox? You should be. App inboxes allow you to engage with your users on a personalized level by allowing you to deliver an array of customized content, recommendations, and offers to the end user.

What is an app inbox? As the name suggests, traditionally it’s used like an email inbox that’s built into your app. Customers can go to the inbox to view an array of content that has been curated specifically for them. However, its powers don’t end there. If you’re using a flexible and powerful product (like Localytics Inbox), you can do much more. We’ve seen customers like Charity Miles and HSN, along with big names like Netflix use the tool to to create a personalized homescreen

Some key features of app inbox include:

  • Unlike push notifications and in-app messages that disappear after they’re viewed, users can go back and look at inbox messages multiple times
  • Since inbox messages get sent straight to the inbox, they’re less intrusive than push or in-app messages
  • You can tap into advanced user segmentation to create targeted campaigns that drive user engagement
  • Completely customizable tool so that your app inbox or personalized home screen matches the look and feel of your app branding
  • A/B test up to 10 different messages creative per campaign in order to optimize results
  • A numbered notification on the app via the user's homescreen:


Now that you have a download on all the great capabilities of App Inbox, it’s time to see it in action. Here are some apps taking advantage of the tool:


1. Netflix
                                           netflix1.png netflix2.png

Netflix thrives off of personalized content and recommendations. How else do you think they keep users binging hour after hour? Their mission of keeping users happy and consuming as much content as possible is accomplished with a personalized homescreen.

If you’re a Netflix subscriber, check out your app homescreen. The entire experience has you in mind. From personalized recommendations to the ability to jump back into a show you’re watching and more, Netflix has strategically designed their app in order to make is a easy (and compelling) as possible to consume content.

Given that Netflix is the top grossing app in the App Store and up 233% in revenue from last year, I’d say their personalized approach to app content is paying off.


2. HSN 


HSN is using App Inbox to keep their customers up to speed on the deals they care about. The retail giant uses the tool as a welcome screen advertising the latest deals and promotions according to their customer’s interests.

HSN also takes advantage of the inbox functionality so customers can stay in the know about deals they care about. Since app inbox messages don’t go away after viewing, HSN customers can rest assured knowing they’ll have all the information they need about a deal so they don’t miss out.


3. Charity Miles 

                                                                                           Charity Miles.png

Charity Miles is a very cool app that allows users to raise money for some great charities simply by working out. Similar to Netflix, they’re using Inbox to completely customize their app homescreen to provide not only customized content relevant to a user’s unique workout and charitable preferences, but also to provide an app onboarding experience to new users.

To learn more about how Charity Miles is putting App Inbox to work and the results they’ve seen, check this out.

Final Thoughts

While push notifications do a great job at driving users back inside your app and in-app messages help guide users navigate around your app, app inbox rounds out the mobile marketing toolshed by allowing you to continually engage users through personalized in-app experiences. And since we know creating an individualized experience is key to retaining users, implementing App Inbox into your mobile strategy is a no brainer.