Rich Push Notifications: 4 Ways To Rich Push It Real Good

Read Time: 5 - 10 min

Ladies and gentleman, the day mobile marketers having been waiting for has finally arrived. Rich Push is here for iOS, and that means we can finally connect with our audiences on Apple devices in a much more meaningful way. But as with any new technology, we must tread lightly and learn the ropes of this new technology or risk burning bridges with our valuable user base.

Rich push enables you to send push notifications that contain rich-media (think photos, videos, etc.) to your users. The short of it? You can now send photos, GIFs, and even videos to your heart’s desire. And that’s enticing for mobile marketers, since we are not only suckers for differentiating ourselves amongst the crowd, but realize plain text has a way of fading into the background, even if your copy was on point for that particular push.

So as we venture down this brave new push notification world together, here is our advice on how you can get rich (push) or die tryin’:


1. Have fun, but stay true to your brand

Just because you can send a funny GIF or meme, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. As with any marketing campaign, your rich push messaging needs to match the look and feel of your brand. You want users to associate the messaging with you, rather than leave them scratching their heads in confusion. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try out new things, but be strategic about it and ask yourself - “Does this feel authentic to our brand?” “ Buzzfeed can send the funny GIF, but it’d be weird coming from Burberry.




2. Test your limits

Speaking of testing out new things - be sure to do exactly that. Given that rich push is a new technology, A/B testing is extremely important to ensure your messages are strengthening relationships with your users rather than squandering them. While in theory, rich push should increase engagement, we don’t really knows how users are ultimately going to respond until we have several months of solid data. In the meantime, A/B testing is your lifeline, and will ensure you’re not unintentionally alienating users you spent months acquiring and nurturing.


3. You’re only as rich as your personalization 

Despite being highly versatile, rich push is no exception to the app personalization rule. Because push notifications go directly to the user’s home screen, you need to make sure that whatever information you’re sending to the end user is worth interrupting them over. Broadcast notifications about sales or features won’t do. Instead, focus on the app user’s history and send messages that they can connect with. For example, Eater could send users who live on the Upper West Side a picture of the steak frites dish at the new French restaurant that opened, while Shopify can send users who have purchased Steve Madden heels in the past a rich push of the latest pair in stock.

CBS Sports nails rich push below by combining compelling imagery and copy alongside user segmentation to entice Oregon fans to swipe-through and view: 




4. Measure engagement 

Because rich push grants apps the ability to engage with their users outside of the app, you may see your click rate go down. Don’t be alarmed. While you may generate fewer clicks, rich push done right has the ability to create long term engagement since users can get value through consuming content on the spot, rather than having to open your app. Thankfully, True Impact lets you keep an eye on metrics like retention and conversion to see if your efforts are paying off.


Strike It Rich

With rich push, mobile marketers finally have the ability to connect with users on a much more meaningful level outside of the app, and show off some of our personality in the process. This is the turning point the app space has been waiting for for two reasons: First - we can now re-engage with our users outside of the app, on their time. Secondly, we’re able to make the app interaction much more human which in return creates a powerful connection between our brand and our users.


Ready to start using rich push?  We've got you covered