5 Marketing Stats Travel Apps Should See & How To Use Them [+ NEW EBOOK]

Data always tells a story. Maybe not always the story we want to hear, but for travel apps in particular, the data represents real opportunity. 1 in 3 travelers plan on spending more on travel in 2016, and 42% want to use a mobile device to help plan their trips. The thing is, data doesn't make an impact unless we actually use it. So we've picked out 5 mobile marketing stats you should know, and paired them with some marketing ideas especially for travel apps.

1. 22% of travel and lifestyle app users abandon an app after a single session.

WHAT TRAVEL APPS CAN DO: Onboard your new users! Onboarding lets you highlight what users can get out of your app from the start, and helps you make a good first impression. In a case study conducted with Slice, retention rates went up 50%.





New HitList users get a beautifull designed, quick look at what they can do in the app, and how it benefits them.


2. 65% of users return to an app within 30 days when push is enabled.

WHAT TRAVEL APPS CAN DO: Consider getting permission to send push notifications a key part of your onboarding strategy! Tell new users what they’ll be getting out of your push notifications, and they’ll be more likely to allow your app to send them.


AirBNB uses their onboarding experience to create context for their notification request. 

3. 52% of consumers
find push notifications to be an annoying distraction.

WHAT TRAVEL APPS CAN DO: Make sure every push notification offers your user real value--the more targeted the better. Try geofencing to target by a user’s location. If a user’s heading to Miami, send them a coupon for an attraction there or update a user heading to London about the weather.


TripAdvisor uses geofences to serve up content that's relevant to users at that very moment.


4. In-app messages boost engagement by 3x. (That's an 88% boost in app engagement!)


WHAT TRAVEL APPS CAN DO: If you’re not using in-app messages, it’s time to get started. Keep it relevant for travelers: what do they need to know while they’re actually in your app? Use in-app messages for updates that are time-sensitive like flight sales to make an immediate difference in a user's experience.



GoGoBot uses in-app message to give the user easy, quick access to saved information. 


5. 1 in 5 (21%) of travelers choose a destination based on a special offer for a hotel or flight.

(And 1 in 5 global travelers visited a destination because they saw it on a TV show!)

Don't discount the power of suggestion over purchasing decisions. Your users may not have a place in mind when they're ready to take their next trip. For travelers, inspiration and a great offer can lead to better engagement and conversion, so make sure at least some of your campaigns are designed with this notion in mind.



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