[VIDEO] 5 Reasons ENGAGE Will Be Your Favorite Mobile Event of 2017

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Mobile moves fast. We’re all trying to keep mobile users engaged in a world that never stops fighting for their attention--and more new tech emerging all the time to help us do it. So how do we do it? That’s what our upcoming conference, ENGAGE 2017, is for.


1. The Keynote Speaker.

Tim Urban writes Wait, But Why, a blog that’s had as many as 10 million unique views in peak months. Oh, and his TED Talk was the first to reach 10 million views in a year. Tim has a knack for distilling enormous topics down to unexpected and relevant points, and he’s talking about a topic that’s already changing how we think about mobile: artificial intelligence.


 TimUrban-SpeakerHero825b (1)-1.jpg

2. Actually, all the speakers.

It’s not all about Tim. (Sorry, Tim. We know you get it.) We’re featuring marketers from companies like HSN, The New York Times, Macy’s Babycenter, Fidelity, and more. And we’ve enlisted our own mobile experts to talk about how to put it all to work.


3. The topics.

Artificial intelligence, omni-channel/multi-channel marketing, data science--we made sure our agenda is focused on what’s going to have the greatest impact on your mobile marketing.


4. The place.

Fenway Park is one of the oldest ballparks in the country. Between the history, the charm, and the view, you’re going to be happy you’re there. (Watch the video if you need a preview.)

5. The people.

You’re going to meet really smart people from amazing companies all over the country (and abroad). And to make sure you have the chance to have the kind of conversations that make these events worth it, we’re keeping it small.

But you should probably just get a sense of it for yourself: here’s Kristin and Susie, ⅔ of the team behind ENGAGE, to show you!


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ENGAGE 2017 is putting together the right topics and the right people in an amazing venue so we can get down to figuring out how we’re going to get mobile results that matter. Space is limited, so register today!










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