The 6 Most Common Objections to Investing in App Analytics & Marketing [Slideshare]

the 6 most common objections to investing in app analytics and marketingWe're a company whose primary purpose is to help your app grow: so, of course, we're huge proponents (and vendors) of app-specific analytics and marketing. And the subject of this post isn't a trick to gain your attention. Rather, it's a way to introduce a solution.

Native apps now account for 85% of time spent on mobile. Apps are not a fad; they are a real and increasingly popular way we interact with information today. And yet, many app owners, developers and marketers are hesitant to give the attention and budget apps need as a marketing channel.

But they shouldn't be hesitant. Apps are here to stay, and the right tools are needed to ensure that yours rises above the competition and is successful and profitable. In our recent presentation, we review the six most common objections to investing in app analytics and marketing, and provide you with the answers to trump them.