7 Apps For a Summer Staycation: Stay Home and Love Life as a Local!

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Vacations are all well and good in the summer, but sometimes a staycation is really where it’s at. Staycations let you do without the hassle of the airport, the cost of hotels, and the stress of falling victim to tourist traps.

Instead, staycations allow you to simply stay home and take the opportunity to explore your own backyard a bit more and live up life as a local!

For those sticking home this summer, we’re detailing seven apps that we consider must-haves for a successful staycation!

Staycation Essential #1: Groupon


First stop on your Staycation? Finding fun stuff to do of course! Groupon’s got you covered, offering discounts and deals on activities near you.

Just head over to the “Things to Do” category and choose from a variety of theatre production, cooking classes, boat cruises, and other experiences for an incredible staycation.

More Apps For Event Discounts: Goldstar


Staycation Essential #2: Postmates


No one cooks on vacation, right? You shouldn’t either! Postmates is an app makes it easy to order tasty noms from your favorite establishments.

With Postmates, you don’t need to spend your vacation crying because the ramen place down the road doesn’t deliver. Postmates is basically Uber for food – a local driver will swing by, pick up your food, and deliver it into your loving arms.

If you want to spend you staycation Netflix binging, don’t compromise by leaving the house. Just toss out the fine china, break out the chopsticks, and order with Postmates!

More Apps for Ordering Food: Uber Eats / Foodler / Eat24

Staycation Essential #3: Nearify


Nearify is an app designed to help notify you of the latest and greatest events happening in your area.

From plays and concerts to comedians and pop-up food spots, Nearify will clue you in to what’s happening in town, all based off of your geolocation. Find some fun events to hit up and have a ball!

More Apps For Finding Things to Do: BandsInTown / Eventbrite


Staycation Essential #4: Kamino


Kamino is an app specializing in custom walking tours and hiking trail suggestions to help you discover your city on foot!

The user-generated tours found in the Kamino app vary from informative to festive. In the Boston area, I was able to find a downtown cocktail crawl, an Italian food tour, and an architecture tour, all designed to be enjoyed at your leisure, complete with a guided map and detailed snippets for each stop.

Since tours are crafted by other users, they can vary in terms of quantity, quality, and length. Depending on your city, you may have a small or wide selection of tours to try out.

Staycation Essential #5: Spotted By Locals


Spotted By Locals is a helpful app created by locals for traveling visitors who want a local slice of life. You don’t need to be an out-of-towner to enjoy Spotted By Locals though - for your staycation, why not use the advice of others to discover hidden gems in your area you may have missed?

Spotted By Locals provides city-specific guides packed with top local picks on food, things to do, and more.

Each guide is $4, and Spotted By Locals covers 67 cities across North America and Europe. While many other travel apps are free, few offer the in-depth assortment of local secrets found in Spotted By Locals - most users find the guides to be packed with value and well worth the price.


Staycation Essential #6: UVLens


One popular summer staycation strategy? Hit the beach as soon as possible! Just don’t forget to double down on the sunscreen.

That’s where UVLens comes in  - the UVLens app will tell you the UV index for your current location and can even tell you how quickly you can potentially get burned based on your personalized skin profile. For a pale Irish girl like myself, this app is a real lifesaver.

Pack plenty of sun lotion and stay safe out on the sand!

Staycation Essential #7: Audible

While lounging on the beach with the perfectly appropriate amount of UV protection, how will you spend your time? Sure, you could read regular old books, but sunscreen + sand + paper = first world disaster. Instead, why not give the king of audio books a try?

Audible offers much more than just audiobooks – they also have exclusive podcasts, interviews, and more awesome audio content. Just pop in those ear buds, dig your feet into the sand, and enjoy!

What are your favorite staycation essentials? Share your picks in the comments below!

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