7 Ways To Boost The ROI Of Your Retail App

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Two weeks ago, we walked through how to calculate the ROI of your retail app. Understanding the ROI of your app is half the battle. Increasing it is the other half. Thankfully, you’re in luck. At Localytics, we partner with some of the top retail brands in the world to help power their mobile engagement strategies that drive revenue and conversions.

Retailers have a pretty good advantage when it comes to boosting app revenue, since there are many features at their disposal to drive app usage and conversion.

Below are just a few ways you can boost the ROI of your retail app:


1. Loyalty/Rewards Programs

One of the most effective ways to create a habit from your retail app is having a loyalty or rewards program tied directly to it. Apps are the modern-day loyalty card - nobody wants to carry around those bulky plastic cards anymore. Give customers an incentive to use your app.

CVS provides customers with all of their coupon deals directly on their phone, so whether they’re in-store or shopping online they can rest easy knowing they’re saving:



Fast-casual salad chain Sweetgreen incentivises all customers to have their app by offering a rewards program directly tied to mobile payment. Customers who pay with their mobile app build up points to redeem a free salad, encouraging repeat visits and app usage:




2. Order Ahead Options

Food retailers can capitalize by offering order-ahead via their mobile app. Not only does this encourage guests to use their app, but it also creates loyalty by providing a seamless experience to guests. Skipping the line during your busy work day (or really anytime) is a huge incentive and one that is at the core of Starbuck’s mobile success.


3. Mobile Pay

Let’s face it - nobody wants to fumble for their cash or cards. Most of the time, people’s phones are glued to their hand, so it only makes sense to allow them to pay with it. It’s seamless, keeps the line moving, and ensures you’re capturing solid data on your customer’s purchase history which is advantageous for both parties.

level up.png


4. Push Notifications 

The best push notifications tap into deep user insights to ensure the message they’re sending is relevant and timely to the end user. Trip Advisor’s push notification specifically calls out an upcoming trip I have planned, and offers to help by booking things to do in advance.



5. Location-Based Push Notifications

Retailers have the unique opportunity to capitalize on location-based marketing. Thanks to geofencing technology, you can trigger notifications to customers based on their location. Sephora does this perfectly with the below push they sent me while I was walking by their store:


6. Email

Retailers are known for sending a lot of emails. Thankfully with all of the great user data your app’s providing you, you can create highly engaging ones that boost click-through rates. Drive users back to your app through app-exclusive sales and deals. American Eagle does a great job at app email promotion with this example: 






7 App Ads

Connecting with customers where they frequent - like social media channels - is a great way to re-engage with them. Place a compelling app ad on Facebook or Instagram to remind customers about you - and why they need you.


Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s no shortage of tactics at your advantage to encourage app usage and conversion.

The underlying theme of all of these features is to keep your app top of mind for your customers and keep them engaged through a top-notch, personalized experience.

What are some ways you’re boosting ROI with your retail app?


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