8 Apps That Help You Do Good

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We love flashy tech and sexy cool stuff, of course, because we’re all only human. Instagram is often cited as the worst social media for mental health, especially in younger females, but it’s still massively popular. It’s fun to see pictures of your friends, right?

But if there’s truly always “an app for that,” we can also be using our app ecosystem to give back and make the world a better place right from our smartphone and (potentially) corresponding bank account.

What are some ways to do that?

1. RoundUp

You buy stuff and there’s a pesky amount of change until the next dollar amount. Well, why not donate that change to a non-profit and help them, over a series of gradual change deposits, really make a difference in the world? There are 900,000+ nonprofits to choose from on RoundUp.

2. Charidy

All-in-one donation ecosystem where you can donate in under 10 seconds, but also manage all your donations -- which can be a benefit come tax season.

3. Share The Meal

Donate as much or as little as you want when you’re sitting around waiting to meet a friend -- let’s say $5 -- and the app will share meals with less-privileged abroad. To date, they’ve shared over 33 million meals. Quick, easy, and impactful.

4. Be My Eyes

This is a free app that connects blind and low-vision people with sighted volunteers and company representatives for visual assistance through a live video call. When someone needs help -- to identify a can of food, read a sign, or find a missing object around the house -- you’ll see a notification appear on your device.

5. Golden Volunteer Opportunities

 Remove the excuses from “why I don’t volunteer” by automating as much of the process as possible. The suite actually now benefits both volunteers and volunteer organizers.

6. Blood Donor

This is a U.S.-only app from the American Red Cross -- although there are other regional options, like Canada’s GiveBlood -- that makes it easy to give blood both in times of need (i.e. after an emergency) or just in general.


7. Budge

Get competitive with your friends. You make a bet with them -- say, lose 10 pounds or run a 5K or whatever. If they hit their target, you donate. Fun, friendly, and some nice spirit of community/spirit of competition context going on at the same time.

8. Donate a Photo

Send a photo to Johnson & Johnson’s website and they give $1 to a charity. The photos reside in a gallery on their website to give visitors “the feels,” and they take the money (north of $4M to date) and spread it around to charitable causes (200+ to date). You’re already idly snapping pics with your phone anway (esp. On vacation), so why not donate them to a cause bigger than yourself?

There are tens of thousands of do good/give back/charity apps out there these days. The above is just a smattering. What are some of your favorites?


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