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app_feature_roadmap_blog_imageIn a sea of incredible, suitable, and mediocre apps, how do you ensure that yours stands out? The answer differs depending on who you're talking to: app marketers will tell you it's push and in-app messaging that differentiates the good from the great, whereas a CEO might say it's the underlying company offering (outstanding products or a key service). 

The truth is, they're both right. But these answers overlook the foundation of all great apps: the necessary and irreplaceable features that users interact with. In order to engage and retain users, you need to start by building an app that meets all of their needs.

The first step? Creating a feature roadmap that speaks to your users' journey and addresses your key app scenarios. 

All product managers know this process is essential to development, but apps are new territory. User attention spans are short and their expectations high, and creating app features that meet this demand comes down to critical thinking and expert planning. It also comes down to organization and maintaining thoughtful processes. 

To do this, we've put together a free set of templates to help facilitate your process, and to keep track of your initial development, ongoing planning and team sprints.


With these templates, you'll be able to:

Think About App Features Critically

Your app is one customer touch point - it doesn't exist in a silo, but rather as part of your brand's ecosystem. Because of this, you have to start by thinking of your typical (or desired) buyer journey and how your app fits into or reflects that journey. Otherwise, you risk creating an app that has cool but unused or irrelevant features. 

Walk through the six steps in the buyer journey and discover how your app relates to each. 

Hone Your App User Scenarios

How do you want users to actually use your app? There are typically a number of ways: plan for them all and make sure no feature goes undiscovered by mapping your user scenarios. Prioritizing features that don't fit your scenarios but would be cool add-ons? Dump them for the time being, and concentrate on keeping things simple and obvious. 

Define Your Roadmap

What features need to be developed to make each user scenario possible? Where do you start? What is the timeline and who owns what? This free template enables you to track all of this in one place, better organizing your efforts and defining a home base for your team. 

Also in this bundle?

  • The onset of creating an app (your starting point)
  • Creating your first roadmap
  • Outlining feature sprints
  • Populating & prioritizing a feature backlog
  • Your ongoing roadmap: based in four key buckets (“scenario-dependent,” “catch-up,” “user-driven,” and “industry-leading”)

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