A Recipe for Mobile App Success from Forrester

“A high quality app doesn’t benefit your brand if no one uses it.”

While those words from Forrester might sound harsh, it’s never been more true. Unfortunately 80% of app users abandon an app within 90 days of downloading it. While things like great advertising, app store optimization and brand loyalty can drive app downloads, consumers will only continue to use apps that they perceive to be useful to them and that work hard to keep them engaged. Quite simply, apps must be great to drive engagement and user retention.

In an ever crowded app market, what makes one app great might be very different for another app. The challenge is for brands to figure out the right mix of making their app essential to their users, technically superb, mechanically sound, easy to navigate, and fueled by an insights-driven engagement strategy.

To help, we are offering a FREE ($500 value) copy of the full Forrester report, “A Recipe for Mobile App Success” so you can learn how to set your app up for success, attract high quality users, and most importantly, keep them engaged.

In the report, you’ll discover:

  • Key tactics to acquiring high quality users to your app through omni-channel marketing
  • How to carry out a solid app user experience through mobile marketing (push, in-app, and more)
  • The KPIs (key performance indications) that make sense to track based on your app

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