Announcing Localytics In-App Messaging for Android

Since 2012, Localytics customers have been able engage users with customizable in-app messaging campaigns in their iOS apps. Localytics customers can now engage with their users in the same way using in-app messaging for Android. We’re excited to expand our in-app messaging capabilities to Android because we believe it is a powerful tool for engaging and nurturing app users.

A few weeks ago, we published a post on Why Push Messaging Demands Powerful Analytics, highlighting the rich user targeting and performance measurement capabilities of Localytics Push Messaging. Localytics In-App Messaging for Android offers all of the same targeting, A/B testing, and measurement functionality as push, plus additional customization capabilities.


Why in-app messaging on Android matters

Localytics data shows that 59% of Android users opt-in to push notifications, vs. 49% on iOS, indicating a greater receptivity among Android users to app messaging.

According to the Localytics App Stickiness Index, Android users are just as engaged with apps as their iOS counterparts. Stickiness on the two platforms has tracked similarly since 2012, with Android leading for most of 2013 and iOS gaining a slight edge in 2014. With a new tool for engaging app users, Android developers may be able to regain some of that lost ground.


Create customized app marketing campaigns for Android

Many Android users delight in the customized experience the platform offers - and expect customization from their app messaging as well.  Localytics In-App messaging enables you to create a more personalized experience for your Android users.

Automated sends based on events

In-app messaging campaigns can be triggered to send right at session start, or on a particular event in the app. This enables you to send relevant, timely messages that are directly linked to user actions in the app.

Customized creative

Create an in-app message right in the Localytics Message Builder, upload your own custom creative, or write your own HTML. Choose the size and positioning of your messages on a user’s phone. You can even create a full-page interstitial in-app marketing message.

These customization options allow you to create eye-catching, on-brand messages that act as a seamless part of your app experience. Additionally, with Localytics you can build highly functional messages that enable user input, such as a Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey message, pictured below.

Deep linking

Deep link within in-app messages to direct users to specific areas in your Android or iOS app. Tag events within your in-app message to see how your links are performing. Read more about deep linking on our app marketing & analytics blog.


Customers  drive engagement using Localytics In-App Messaging

Localytics In-App Messaging is a rich, functional tool with robust and diverse use cases. Our customers have used targeted in-app messaging campaigns in their iOS apps to successfully to drive users to specific app content or reward users with shopping discounts.

American Media, a major magazine publisher that owns and operates some of the leading celebrity and health and fitness brands in the country, drove a 34% increase in in-app purchases in their Muscle & Fitness app by using Localytics push and in-app messaging together. Their push messages (pictured below, left) drove users into the app, where they were then greeted with a branded in-app message (pictured below, right) that directed them to relevant content.

We are excited to see Android developers take advantage of this powerful new tool. Get started with in-app messaging for Android or iOS today or contact us to learn more about Localytics Marketing.