Announcing the Twitter and Localytics Partnership: Attract & Understand Your Most Valuable Users

We are excited to announce that today we have partnered with Twitter as a Twitter Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) to help mobile marketers optimize their Twitter acquisition campaign performance.


In the mobile marketing world, it’s increasingly important to measure not just downloads, but the true value of users. The Twitter and Localytics partnership enables our customers to take advantage of the powerful reach and targeting opportunities available across Twitter’s over 300M monthly visitors by giving them the best insights to acquire high value users and the most powerful engagement tools to turn app installs into loyal customers.

As the only app lifecycle engagement platform to become a Twitter Mobile Measurement Partner, Localytics offers granular downstream analytics about in-app activities, and has the unique ability to tie customer acquisition campaigns to post-install user behavior and in-app conversion events. This helps our customers use rich data to improve campaign performance, evaluate the success of their Twitter ad campaign investments beyond just app installs, and understand what ultimately drives conversion.

Reach the Flock

At Localytics, we want to empower our customers to identify and reach their most valuable customers. That’s why we’ve created an attribution platform that covers over 85% of the mobile ad market. Our new partnership with Twitter expands this reach and is particularly valuable because of Twitter’s increasing value as a user acquisition platform and our ability to provide the best insight into Twitter-acquired users right from the Localytics Dashboard.

In order to engage and retain your most valuable users it’s important to understand the kinds of behavior these users exhibit in your app. Localytics customers can now leverage robust, real-time analytics to develop key insights into what their Twitter-acquired users do in their app.

Imagine a restaurant reservation app that ran a Twitter campaign to acquire new users, by using Localytics not only can they see how many users downloaded the app, but they can also determine how far those users travelled in their app engagement funnel.

They can delve deeper into their app analytics and begin to establish trends and patterns for their most valuable users, for example, by slicing the data by device you can see if users are more likely to browse restaurants on their tablet at the weekends and make a reservation on their smartphone on a weekday morning. As a Twitter MMP Localytics allows you to prove and disprove a range of value hypotheses for your app users.

The end goal is to understand how many users are performing a conversion activity like making a booking, instead of simply measuring the number of installs. Now app marketers using Localytics can see which Twitter-acquired users are performing valuable conversion activities.

What is equally important for this partnership is that user behavior data that is already being captured in Localytics can be shared to Twitter using event postbacks for Twitter. Event postbacks extend app user insights beyond the app marketer side of the table so that Twitter can learn what valuable users look like, specifically for your app. This helps ensure that future campaign spend is optimized to attract only the most valuable users for your app.

The Future of Acquisition

It can be difficult to pinpoint where your acquisition dollars are best spent. Even after you’ve identified the right target audience, it can be even more difficult to find seamless and meaningful ways to re-engage them on mobile. The Twitter and Localytics partnership addresses these challenges so that customers can focus on building strong customer relationships.

We’re currently hard at work building new functionality to help you use the insight you gain from Localytics to go even further and fuel hyper-specific remarketing campaigns across a range of leading acquisition platforms.

In addition to today’s announcement, Localytics is also excited to announce additional support for post-download and event postbacks support for Google (AdWords), AdColony, AppLovin and Liftoff. 

In the mean time, you can learn more about event postbacks for Twitter here.

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