App Marketing for Web Marketers (This = That Cheat Sheet)

Skydivers_-_featured_image_for_App_Marketing_for_Web_Marketers_blogThe very best marketers are adventurous.  We don’t sit around idly doing the same old things, or grow comfortable with mediocrity, or adopt a, “We’ve always done it this way,” mentality. We discover and explore new frontiers to build deeper relationships with our evolving audience. 

During the last decade, marketers have indeed conquered the web. The web marketing playbook has been written and used successfully time and time again. 

But technology has moved on. Your customers have moved on.

It’s time to dive out of the all-too-familiar world of web marketing into the thrilling and exciting app space.  

And we’ve put together the parachute you’ll need to land firmly and ahead of the pack. 


Your This = That Chart of Web to App Equivalents

Who says you have to crawl before you can walk? Let’s hit the ground running with this handy-dandy chart of web to app equivalents (which is part of our brand new eBook!).

These are the online tactics and web metrics you know and love, mapped to their mobile counterparts. We’re not reinventing the wheel; we’re showing you how your web marketing prowess can be transferred to an app-dominated era.

Here are some of the insights you’ll notice in the table below:

  • Web metrics focus on conversion (usually form submissions) while app analytics are all about behavior (the actions people take within your app)
  • Organic search is still hugely influential in app stores, so make sure you’re constantly fine-tuning your app store optimization strategies
  • Push and in-app messages are the new email marketing because they serve to nurture users further down app funnels
  • Remarkable content marketing has evolved into remarkable context marketing, which powers irresistible (i.e. highly personalized) app offers

So, are you ready to fly to new horizons with app marketing? Keep this cheat sheet in your back pocket and get all the details about each pairing in our fresh-off-the-presses new eBook – designed specifically for web marketers like you.


Download the full cheat sheet here.