Appy Hour: 11 Apps That Make "Adulting" Easier


The term “adult” is often used reluctantly. If we think long enough about all of the dreaded activities that sum up adulthood, we would crawl back into bed and avoid the entire world for as long as humanly possible. Working a full time job can feel like such a chore when you’d rather binge-watch episodes of The Bachelorette while scooping Ben & Jerry’s straight from the tub.   

“Adulting” is hard. Some days you just can’t deal with adult life. Lucky for us, however, our generation has access to pocket sized personal assistants; which help us navigate through the perils of adulthood. At Localytics, we’re all about finding hacks that help us come across as a fully functioning members of society.

And on our mission to making the world a better place, one mobile app at a time, we’ve assembled some of the sharpest minds in mobile marketing (the Localytics marketing team!) to reveal the apps we use to conquer adult life. Check out the below apps that will help to improve your mental, social, physical, and financial adult well-being: 


1. Fitness – MindBody App 


 “My personal favorite is the MindBody app. I use it to book a variety of fitness (mostly barre) classes. The barre studio that I teach at, as well as many others that I've gone to, use this app for clients to reserve classes, manage their account, buy new class packages, etc. It's very easy to use and helps me keep track of various classes that I'm both teaching and attending during the week. It's also great that you can access it on the go in case you find yourself getting out of work early or your plans change and you want to try to sneak into a class. It takes two seconds to go into the app and register.” Kristin Cronin, Director of Marketing Communications at Localytics


2. Lifestyle - Vivino


“Vivino is all about wine. If you take a photo of the wine bottle or label, it will return information about the wine. This is great if you are at the wine store and see a bottle of wine that you might want to try, but aren't sure it is any good or if the price is too high. You can also take photos of the label for all of the bottles you drink. You can rate them (think 5 star scale) and add comments, etc. That way, when you want to tell your friends about that great bottle you had over the weekend, you know just where to look. It also creates a personalized Taste Profile based on the wines that you drink. And, if this info helps the app send me more personalized push, in-app, and email messages, I like it even better!” Lisa Skinner, Senior Director of Demand Generation at Localytics 


3. Taxes – Intuit Self Employed


“When I was doing freelance work, I used Intuit Self Employed to keep track of all my work-related expenses. The app lets you easily swipe left or right to differentiate business and personal expenses and deposits. At the end of the year, I would simply export a spreadsheet from their desktop app and send it to my CPA for tax filing. A+ for adulting.” - Sean Crater, Front End Developer at Localytics


4. Lifestyle - SPOTS


“Spots is a free app which uses real time technology to provide customers with a live update on any local bar or restaurant. If you find yourself constantly debating over where to eat or what bar to visit, this one’s for you!

Like most adults, I spend the majority of my week working, commuting or sleeping. I always try to make the most out of any free time I have. Spots is the ultimate app for those who love to socialize. This app addresses my major pain points when going out for dinner or a few drinks. Nothing drains your excitement faster than having to wait at the bar so long that the night's almost over by the time you get a round of drinks.

This app comes with so many great features. I can search for bars that serve late night food or cater for big groups. The app even tells you what kind of clientele the bar typically caters to. Spots push notifications are also top class, warning users before particularly busy nights like the NBA Finals.“ - Sarah Breathnach, Marketing Associate at Localytics


5. Entertainment - Comcast’s XFINITY TV Go 


"Comcast's XFINITY TV Go app allows me to download my recorded shows so I can watch them whenever. I have a long commute to work on the train, and catching up on my shows makes the time fly by. Plus, I can even schedule recordings and control my X1 box via my iPhone or Apple Watch. Comcast does a great job using their app to create a seamless, uninterrupted brand experience. Now I never have to worry about missing an episode of Silicon Valley." - Josh Todd, CMO at Localytics


6. All The Things - Amazon Prime


"I am addicted to Amazon Prime. It makes shopping stupid simple, the streaming music is good (especially when you add an Echo to the use), and the bonus of things like Prime Photos give me peace of mind knowing I am quadruple backed up. Don't forget about Prime Video, which has a decent selection of movies and TV." - Trey Simmons, Director of Website Strategy & Design at Localytics


7. Finance - Venmo


“You know all those friends who never seem to have cash on them when you go out, and promise to pay you back later but don’t? No more. Venmo helps me adult on the regular by allowing me to securely pay back my friends (or dog walker) as well as request payment instantly. Even better, Venmo has an emoji-centric social platform where you can see the funny (and sometimes creepy) way friends blow their money”. - Justina Perro, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Localytics


8. Audiobooks - Audible 


"I use Audible on the regular during my commute to and from work. It's an easy way for me to relax but at the same time consume more books than I ever have before. Plus, the narration is really great. Most of us adults says, "I should read more", but few of us find the time to actually do so. Audible is definitely my solution for that."-Matt Kaminski, Director of Marketing Analytics & Operations at Localytics 


9.Travel - Hopper


“Nothing makes me happier than celebrating my friends and their very mature milestones, like marriage. Since they’ve moved all over the country (and the world), I need Hopper to tell me when to buy flights so I get a good deal. Hopper tells me when prices are lowest, when they’re likely to go up, and I can buy the flight from the app, too. Hooray for affordable flights and celebrations!” - Maura Canavan, Content Marketing Manager at Localytics


10. Health - Headspace


“Headspace is my daily reminder to take care of myself. Being an adult can be stressful, and the Headspace app helps me to relax. Taking ten minutes to reset during the busy day not only improves my mood, but boosts my productivity." - Susie Castillo, Event Marketing Manager at Localytics


11. Team Collaboration - Slack


“Slack is a great online communication tool that we use daily at Localytics to share ideas as a team. Slack eases collaboration across the organization and has reduced the volume of internal emails and meetings that I have. The Slack app is also fun and easy to use, allowing entire teams to converse together. Plus, everything posted in Slack is archived and searchable, which helps us stay organized and avoid scrolling through never ending email threads”. - Caitlin O’Connell Data Analyst, Localytics

WARNING: Giphy integration may significantly reduce your team's productivity. Although, if you ask us it’s…. 



No matter what percentage adult you are, these apps are guaranteed to help make your journey through adulthood more enjoyable. Who wouldn't enjoy convincing their friends and family members that they’re a wine connoisseur with Vivino? Or, convey the image of a socialite with the help of Spots?

Are you having a rough day at work? Escape the pressures of adult life by taking a last minute yoga class with MindBody App. Missed out on the last episode of Game of Thrones? I know, EVERYONE is talking about it on Slack. No worries, Comcast's XFINITY TV Go app has got you covered.

Starting to see a pattern here? Yeah, us too. The life of a Localytics marketer revolves around TV, exercise, and socializing. Oh well, it could be worse….


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