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Appy Hour: 10 Mobile Apps to Fight the Sunday Scaries

Written by Maura Canavan | March 24, 2017 at 12:05 PM

It happens every single Sunday. Around 7 p.m. I start feeling anxious. I go from the happiest little clam on my couch to a glum troll that stays up until midnight or later because I can’t face that it’s time to start the week. It’s not about hating my job--it’s about getting back to everything I put off over the weekend so I could have fun. It’s called the Sunday Scaries, and you probably feel it, too.


But there’s things you can do to make it through and actually kick off a productive week that you’ll pat yourself on the back about when Friday rolls around! It takes a combination of a.) treats and b.) plans to simultaneously relax and get yourself fired up for your week, and since your phone is never not at your side, mobile apps are the way to get your head where it needs to be.


1. Catch Up On What's Happened | Washington Post App 

My brain has been on hiatus for 48 hours so it’s important to take it for a spin and catch up on what’s been happening in the world. The Post is a reputable paper that sends short, compelling push notifications so I’m up on all the important headlines, and ready to throw out some insightful commentary for every Monday water cooler chat.



2. Get Reacquainted with Your Couch | Amazon Video + Hulu

We’re living in the golden age of television, and there’s always going to be a show or movie someone’s been saying you HAVE to watch. If your FOMO is as powerful as mine, Sunday evening is your time to do it. I turn to Hulu for my current tv watching (Hello Bachelor Nation), but if you’re a loyal Amazon Prime user, you also get access to their exhaustive music and video library.



3. Treat Yourself One More Time | GrubHub/Foodler

Once your programming is set for the evening, your next step is choosing your delivery. I know, I know, you’re trying to cook more and be healthier, but we’re dealing with the Scaries here. Let yourself end the weekend on a high note--your favorite eats. Not every place I love is available on every app, but I don’t mind having a few: GrubHub sends me charming notifications and special offers, and I find myself compulsively checking the points I’m accruing on Foodler.



4. Make This The Week You Find Love | Bumble


Sunday lounging, binge TV watching, and food ordering are all a little better with a co-conspirator. Plus, all the content you’re consuming gives you an easy conversation starter on Bumble/helps you weed out the people who just don’t appreciate the Great British Baking Show like you do. 


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5. Give Yourself Something to Look Forward to | SeatGeek

No, the fun isn’t over forever! SeatGeek is one of my go-to apps for finding tickets, and I appreciate how it makes finding something cool in your area simple. They were one of the first apps to integrate with the
updated iMessage in iOS 10, too, which is helpful when you’re trying to coordinate event plans with your friends and family.


6. Recommit to Fitness | MindBody

Do you see a pattern? It’s all about the treats and plans. I usually follow up my delivery feast by making a plan for the week’s fitness. MindBody’s app shows you which classes are happening at what gyms around your city, and once you create an account, registering is a breeze. MindBody highlights promotional offers at studios, too. It also integrates with your FitBit app, so you can monitor your activity throughout whatever class you take.



7. Recommit to Healthy Eating, Too | Instacart


You’re set for dinner tonight, but you’re going to face this problem again tomorrow and if your groceries are waiting and ready to be cooked into a tasty, healthy meal, you’ve made another plan and earned another pat on the back. Instacart offers lots of store options, and sends helpful push notifications so you know exactly when your delivery arrives. Not that you were going anywhere.


8. Find Out What’s In Store | Astrology Zone

Don’t judge. Susan Miller is astrologer to the stars, and an unexpectedly savvy digital marketer (she certainly keeps up--AstrologyZone is the only horoscope app available for the Apple Watch). And she keeps it pretty positive, so knowing there’s a full moon bringing me extra luck in the upcoming week puts me in the right frame of mind. Plus, when I need a distraction I like to tell people their horoscopes, too, which is helpful! Wins all around.



9. Maybe Start That One Thing You’ve Been Meaning To Do | TurboTax

I can’t say it enough; you can’t battle the Scaries with self-care alone! You need a little productivity and planning to remind yourself that yes, you are a capable adult and you have this week handled.


Now that it’s tax season, taxes are one of the top things on my list. The TurboTax mobile app has a similar user-friendly, question-oriented experience the desktop site is known for, so it’s something you can accomplish while remaining on your couch. (The best kind of productivity when you’re up against the Scaries.)


10. Will You Need an Umbrella? | Weather Channel 

You didn’t know it was going to rain, and now you need to drop $20 on an umbrella when you have 3 at home.  And then there’s the wet socks you have because you didn’t wear the right footwear. ALL of us deserve a better start to our week than that.


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