Appy Hour: 3 Irish Companies Doing Mobile App Marketing Right

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St. Patrick’s Day is here; a day to reflect on everything we love about Ireland. And what better way for a mobile startup to celebrate the Irish than with a blog honoring their own mobile app marketing heros?

For today’s Appy Hour, we tip our pint of Guinness to 3 Irish companies doing mobile right:

1.) Ryanair

Ryan Air's mobile app

Ryanair is revered amongst college students and those looking to travel on a budget. I’ve personally flown on Ryanair several times while studying abroad in Italy. As an American, I must admit I first met the airline with a good deal of skepticism, convinced the incredibly low airline prices meant that you must be playing Russian (Irish?) Roulette with your life. However, once I flew with them and did, in fact, make it to my final destination pretty seamlessly, Ryanair won me over for good.

Ryanair first launched their mobile app back in 2014, but its recent app updates, including the use of an in-app NPS survey and “My Ryanair”, a customer portal that simplifies booking, helped win over their customer base.

Ryan Air's Mobile App NPS Score

As of January 2017, Ryanair’s app ranked first in Europe for downloads with a combined 17 million customers across iOS and Android and has a stellar 4.5/5 App Store Rating. That’s no easy feat, and it’s thanks to Ryanair’s recognition of just how important mobile is to their business. As CMO Kenny Jacobs puts it,

“We are developing each new digital feature with a mobile-first outlook as part of our ‘Always Getting Better’ improvement programme.”

The airline’s implementation of an in-app NPS survey is used to improve customer experiences both in the app and in the air. These efforts are paying off. Below are their very impressive app statistics from the company’s November 2016 report release:


Well done, Ryanair. Now hurry up and come to America so I can continue my insatiable wanderlust without going broke.


2. Deposify

Ever have your security deposit withheld for no good reason? Deposify looks to solve that with their mobile-first startup. Through partnerships with both national and regional banks, Deposify keeps your security deposits safe and sound, serving as a buffer between landlords and tenants.

A breakdown about how Deposify works

Their mobile app serves as an escrow for security deposits, with third party banks acting as the buffer between tenants and landlords. If any disputes arise, Deposify works to resolve them to avoid costly, drawn out legal battles.

Plus, with their recent round of funding they’re expanding to the US and chose Boston for their US headquarters because why wouldn’t you? Welcome to the US, Deposify!


3. Intercom 

If you’re familiar with B2B messenger apps, odds are you’ve heard of Intercom. Intercom allows companies to chat with prospects and customers on-demand in an easy, streamlined way.

A breakdown of how Intercom works

More importantly, you get a holistic view of customers’ in-app (or on site) behavior so that when you’re communicating with them, you have line of sight into their unique customer journey. You can even segment according to these journeys and optimize your interactions with them based on their needs.

Recently featured in Forbes as “One of Silicon Valley’s Fastest-Growing Businesses”, Intercom’s success lies in creating a streamlined, engaging experience for both the companies using their apps and their customers.

Intercom's mobile app

When asked what Intercom’s “secret sauce” for success was, co-founder Des responded:

“I think engagement is the best way to describe it. For the longest time, when the world wasn’t connected through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all this other stuff, it was really hard to reach a large amount of people. It’s slightly contra opinion, but it’s actually getting easier to reach a large group of people. What’s really still hard is getting them to stick around.”

If you spend anytime interacting with Localytics, you’ll know that sentiment resonates with the team here in a big way. Engagement is king. And the best way to engage with your audience nowadays? Via mobile. Intercom gets this, so it’s no wonder they secured $50M in funding last year and are enjoying massive success.

Final Thoughts

We focus on US based companies a lot on the Mobile Engagement Blog, but there are a lot of companies across the globe doing big things with mobile app marketing. We’d love your help recognizing mobile pioneers worldwide. So if you know of any who are crushing the mobile marketing game, we want to know about them. Feel free to email me directly with examples:

Now excuse me as I run off to join our Free Beer Friday, St. Paddy’s edition. If you’re in Boston, stop by Slånte.


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