Appy Hour: 8 Apps Taking Advantage of the new iOS 10 iMessage

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It’s been a couple of weeks since Apple launched iOS 10, and apps are rushing to jump to get in on the updates to iMessage, fast. Lots of them are stickers, but as much as our team loves a good sticker/emoji (not to mention gifs--thank you, Slack) we’re even more excited about the apps that are bringing functionality into the new iMessage.

1. Airbnb

Planning a trip with family and friends is social in itself, and Airbnb is prioritizing app experiences that capitalize on that. (They were quick to create an Apple TV app, too.)  It’s not unusual to plan a trip with people that aren’t close by, so sharing listings right in iMessage is a perfect fit for Airbnb’s audience.

Screen_Shot_2016-09-20_at_3.56.59_PM.pngPlease let a tiny house in the Shire actually be available on Airbnb.


2. Evernote

Evernote’s a highly collaborative app already, and with iMessage the company continues to let users take the lead on how they share their content. It’s a great bet if you’re looking to improve your productivity.


No need to sum up or write out the notes you already have. 

3. SeatGeek

By using location services to find events in your area and letting you send directly through iMessage, SeatGeek’s app bypasses most of the taps and messaging necessary to make an event plan happen. And since you usually need to jump on tickets pretty quickly to get what you want, it’s smart of SeatGeek to give users a new way to streamline the process.

Maybe now you'll coordinate plans in time for Drake.




Text trash talk is finally more convenient.

5.  OpenTable

The planning is  typically happening via iMessage anyways, and now whoever volunteered to make the reservation has no excuse not to follow through in a timely manner. (Not that I’ve ever done that.)

Screen_Shot_2016-09-21_at_4.32.25_PM.pngSave yourself a few messages in the group text.

6. Zappos

No need to clog your iPhoto albums with screenshots of the purchases you’re considering. Now you can easily get feedback from your friends on your next Zappo’s buy, or send them a suggestion or two.

Check in with your friends before you buy the wrong foam roller.

7 & 8. Circle Payments & Square Pay

Mobile payments are one of the most exciting features in mobile right now, so we're delighted to see apps like Square and Circle take advantage of iOS 10 and iMessage so quickly. Circle lets you make payments in multiple currencies (including Bitcoin!) and Square offers all it’s usual functionality, plus Siri integration.


Now Ryan doesn't have to mail you a check. 

CircleIMESSAGE.pngDoes this beard oil seem expensive?

Are you using iOS 10? What apps are you using with iMessage?


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