New Beta: Use Localytics Audiences For All Your Marketing Channels

Have you ever wanted to email your mobile users that opted out of Push? Maybe you want to send a list of your highest value app users to a Data Management Platform (DMP) for look-alike modeling or retargeting? If so, you will be excited to hear that we’re making it easier than ever to accomplish these and many other similar tasks with the beta launch of Audience Exports in the Localytics API!


Audience Builder for Audience API

Unlock True Multi-Channel, Personalized Engagement

As mobile apps continue to grow, more and more marketers are striving to capitalize on the opportunity of personalized omni-channel engagement. Despite this fact, historically, there’s been operational and/or technical divides between mobile and non-mobile strategies, preventing sophisticated marketing organizations from easily achieving their omni-channel dreams. Because of these divides, Forrester predicted that only 25% (Source) of companies would integrate mobile into their overall marketing strategy during 2016.

We’ve built Audience Exports to solve this dilemma by empowering marketers to easily connect their mobile efforts to the rest of their marketing strategy and reap the rewards of true multi-channel 1:1 engagement.

Be Smarter About Engagement

Audience Exports is part of our RESTful API web service that gives your engineering team the ability to quickly and seamlessly integrate Localytics’ rich and targeted audiences into any of your other marketing systems for smarter engagement.

With Audience Exports, all of your systems can take advantage of Localytics’ industry-leading audience segmentation engine. Here are a few examples of how this new API feature can drive better multichannel engagement:


Goal: Engage high-value users that have opted out of push


  • Create an audience of your highest value users that have opted out of push in Localytics
  • Use Audience Exports to export this audience to your email vendor on a weekly basis
  • Build and execute your email campaign

Outcome: You can still engage your loyal app users that don’t want to be sent push messages

Reduce advertising waste


  • Create an audience of your users that have had a session in the past 30 days
  • Use Audience Exports to export the audience to your DSP on a daily basis
  • Remove engaged / active users from being shown future advertisements

Outcome: You won’t waste money on impressions and clicks from users that already engage with your app regularly

Goal: Acquire more high-value users


  • Create an audience of your users that have made 3 purchases in the past 60 days
  • Use Audience Exports to export the audience to your DMP on a daily basis
  • Create look-alike models and target people who are similar to your  highest value users

Outcome: You have an audience of new prospects that match the characteristics or your best users, increasing the likelihood that they will also turn into high-value customers.


Get Started Today

If breaking down data silos and maximizing the effectiveness of true 1:1 multi-channel engagement is important to your business, contact your Account Manager or the Product Team today, to join the Audience Exports beta.