Audience Exports is Live!

Read Time: 5 - 10 min

You probably already know the Localytics Mobile Marketing Platform has the best targeting capabilities in the industry. But did you know the same targeting engine can be used by your non-mobile channels to drive better customer engagement?

In our beta announcement of Audience Exports we discussed three common use cases for this new component of the Localytics API. In this post, aside from announcing the GA release of Audience Exports (!), we’ll talk through two additional use cases we discovered during the beta.

Audience Exports Are Now Available

First thing’s first, Audience Exports are now available to all Localytics Enterprise customers!* With this new capability, you can build an Audience inside Localytics and then send the list of users who belong to that Audience to any other system. Taking advantage of this great new feature is incredibly easy!

Start by enabling the Audience (or Audiences) that you want to export via the API. To do this:

  1. Go to the Audiences screen in the Localytics Dashboard  
  2. Click on the action menu beside a the Audience in question
  3. Click “Enable Export”
  4. Choose an output type
  5. Click “Enable Export”


Once the Audience has been enabled, you can export it by following the simple steps outlined here in our dev docs.

Intelligent Segmentation for All Channels

One of the great things about our APIs is that they give each customer the flexibility to use Localytics in unique and innovative ways. Over the course of the beta, several customers came up with great new ways to use Audience Exports that I want to share:

Goal: Reach lapsed users via web push


  • Create an audience of users that haven’t had an app session in 30 days
  • Use Localytics Audience Exports to share this audience with your web push vendor on a daily basis
  • Execute your web push campaign, targeting the users in your Localytics’ Audience

Outcome: You can prompt inactive users to re-engage with your app

Goal: Encourage users to subscribe


  • Create an audience of non-subscribed users that have more than 3 sessions in 7 days
  • Use Localytics Audience Exports to export the audience to your DSP on a daily basis
  • Advertise premium subscription status to your non-subscribed power users

Outcome: You can more efficiently leverage your advertising budget by reaching users who already engage with your app and are therefore more likely to subscribe


Start Doing More with Localytics’ Segmentation

As these examples highlight, Localytics Audience Exports can open up a completely new set of cross-channel marketing opportunities. Whether you’re looking to deliver true 1:1 omnichannel engagement or you simply want better targeting capabilities for one of your non-mobile marketing channels, Audience Exports is the answer. If you have any questions, dev docs and integration details can be found here, answers to frequently asked questions can be found here, and feel free to post in the comments below.

*All Enterprise customers can export up to five Audiences at a time using Audience Exports. Customers who have Remarketing can export up to 20 Audiences at a time.