Maura Canavan

Author Bio:Maura Canavan is a Content Marketing Manager at Localytics. Nothing makes her happier than New England in the summer and good writing.

October 12, 2017

How to Decrease Mobile Cart Abandonment? Get Personal.

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October 3, 2017

How To Leverage Mobile Wallets with Localytics

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September 22, 2017

What Makes Mobile Loyalty Programs Work?

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September 11, 2017

[WEBINAR] How to Use Behavioral Tactics for Push Notifications

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September 7, 2017

[VIDEO] The Future of Mobile

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August 10, 2017

Back 2 Basics: What Is Mobile App Marketing?

July 26, 2017

What Does Good Mobile App Onboarding Look Like? [NEW SLIDESHARE]

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