Automate Your App Marketing with Localytics Push API Campaigns

Mobile is about instant gratification. With smartphones, we have access to any information we want, right when we want it. The best apps anticipate our needs and present us with the right information at exactly the right time through notifications inside or outside the app.

In this instant world, scheduled marketing campaigns face some challenges. You can schedule marketing promotions, but what if you want to reach users with breaking news notifications, or the latest sports scores? You can’t exactly schedule these in advance.

This is where Localytics Push API Campaigns come in.

Using the Localytics Push API, you can now programmatically create and trigger targeted push messaging campaigns based on any event or activity your business is tracking.


Now,  a news app can automate breaking news notifications by triggering an API campaign each time a new story is published in that city, and a sports app can automate score notifications by triggering an API campaign each time a game score is finalized.

Push API Campaigns act as an extension of your product by providing users with valuable information without even having to open your app. These campaigns are instant, personalized, and scalable.


Instant: Trigger Alerts In Real-Time


Push API campaigns are not scheduled in advance. Instead, they’re programmatically triggered by an event in your server. This means you can notify your users in real-time, as soon as new information becomes availablelike the latest sports scores.


Personalized: Target Based on Audience or Profile Information


Localytics enables you to target a Push API Campaign using an existing Audience you’ve created in the Localytics Dashboard, or based on profile information. Use this targeting to reach users with relevant information, such as a breaking news story in their home city, or a sports score for their favorite team’s playoff game.

You can also use the Localytics Push API to send transactional notifications to individual app users, by targeting to a specific Customer ID. 

Scalable: Automate Your Push Strategy


Push API campaigns are “set and forget.” Once the programmatic work of setup is complete, no additional manual work is necessarythe campaigns run automatically. This saves you time and effort, and helps your business scale its personalized push messaging strategy. Instead of having to manually create and send a push campaign every time new sports scores come in, a program can automatically generate thousands of campaigns, targeted so users only receive scores from the teams that they follow.

Measure the Performance of Your API Campaigns in Localytics

Though your Push API campaigns are not always tied to specific conversion goals, they still impact user experience. It’s important to measure and optimize these messages, like any other part of your app.

Now, you can measure the performance of your transactional notifications and API campaigns right from the Localytics Dashboard. Localytics automatically creates a performance report for each of your API campaigns in the Messaging screen of the Localytics Dashboard, so you can view sends, clicks, and conversions for all API notifications.

To find your API campaigns in the Messaging screen, sort the campaigns table by Type. Click into each campaign to see more detailed performance metrics.


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Get Started Today

Unlike other push messaging campaigns you may have sent through Localytics, Push API Campaigns aren’t created or sent from the Localytics Dashboard. To send an API Campaign, your server communicates directly with Localytics via the API. To get started, review our documentation on integrating with the Localytics Push API, and subscribe to our product blog for the latest updates.


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