Best Practices: Filters and Segments in App Analytics

All Localytics Premium and Enterprise customers now have have access to filters in their Localytics dashboard. Just select a usage, engagement or event report, click filters, select a dimension and the specific values include or exclude in your analysis. Filters are easily combined with advanced segmenting options discover actionable insights and trends.


Best Practices Example: Filtering Regional Editions

Let’s take the example of a publisher that started in the US, but recently launched a new international edition of a popular magazine. The publisher wants to analyze audience and readership of their magazine both globally and by regional edition.

To do this, the publishers simply uses the same Localytics app key (similar to a profile in web analytics) and captures the magazine edition as a custom dimension. Each usage, engagement, location map and event analysis can then be filtered by edition. In the following example, the Article View event is first split by Subscriber type (annual, monthly, trial) and then the results are filtered to include only the international edition.

Localytics app analytics filters


Getting Started with Filters

Premium and Enterprise automatically have access to the new filters feature. Simply log in to your Localytics app analytics dashboard, choose an app, click a usage, engagement, events or map chart and you’ll see the new Apply Filters option next to the date selector. The analysis will update as soon as you apply the filter, and the filter will persist across new reports. Premium customers can apply one filter at a time. Enterprise customers can combine up to three filters.

These dimensions and their values can be used as filters:

  • App version
  • Carrier or operator
  • Country
  • Model
  • New vs returning
  • OS version
  • Custom dimensions

Community customers want to try filters should contact us and request a free trial of Localytics Premium. Others can access a live demo of Localytics Premium.