BlackBerry Analytics Show App Usage Higher During Workday Than iPhone

Apple is sharpening its focus on businesses with new enterprise features in iPhone OS 4, but BlackBerry usage of mobile apps is still more concentrated and higher during the workday than iPhone. Localytics also reports that BlackBerry app usage on the weekend is statistically identical to workweek usage. In contrast, iPhone owners use mobile apps more frequently on the weekend with the greatest difference at 2:00 pm EST when weekend usage is 40% higher than the same time Monday through Friday.

In the second study of hourly app usage, Localytics mined its mobile analytics data from millions of phones in the US and Canada over two months for iPhone and BlackBerry application usage. The mobile analytics data were summarized by day of the week and hour of the day. To adjust for differences in absolute usage, the total average sessions per hour for Monday through Friday and the weekend were normalized as a percentage of the busiest hour for each.


BlackBerry During the Work Week, iPhone on the Weekend

In a previous iPhone analytics study, Localytics reported that mobile app usage on the iPhone peaked at 9:00 pm EST during the week and maintained peak usage throughout weekend afternoons and nights, with iPhone users generating 7% more traffic on the weekend than the average workday. Localytics suggested that while the iPhone is making professional inroads, it continues to be predominantly a personal device more heavily used outside of working hours.

BlackBerry, on the other hand, continues to reach out to consumers with new devices and targeted sponsorships. However, the BlackBerry analytics study from Localytics shows that mobile app usage still appears concentrated around professional use. BlackBerry mobile app usage is higher throughout the workday and starts to peak at 7:00 pm EST, two hours earlier than the iPhone. More telling, there is no statistically significant difference in the usage of BlackBerry apps on the weekend compared to Monday through Friday (t-test p=0.39), unlike the iPhone.



Implication for Developers and Marketers

While Android, BlackBerry and iPhone continue to battle for users, mobile analytics can be used to identify key market segments, trends and insights. The two studies from Localytics highlight the opportunity for app developers and marketers to use mobile analytics to reach business professionals or consumers by targeting platforms and dayparts to optimize advertising, schedule promotions, drive sales and increase customer engagement.