CASE STUDY: Grindr Increases App Revenue Without Spamming its Users

Read Time: 5 min

Since launching in 2009, Localytics’ customer, Grindr, has quickly grown into the largest social community of gay, bisexual and transgender men in the world. With more than 3 million daily active users across almost every country in the world, Grindr has formed a community that grows stronger by the minute.

After enjoying 7 years of organic growth, Grindr has spent the last year and a half building out its marketing team to help evolve the app from just a means to chat and meet to a lifestyle brand with rapidly expanding content and collaborations in photography, fashion, social issues and more. 

This bold and exciting new chapter in the company’s evolution is a direct result of Grindr’s ability to build a loyal and passionate community on mobile thanks to a top notch user experience. So, when the Grindr team started to consider including ads in its app, they knew they would have to find a unique solution that balanced the needs of advertisers with the app’s highly regarded user experience.

To be successful, it was important for Grindr to figure out what ads to use, who to target those ads to, and the best way to deliver ads within the app. While push and in-app messages are great ways to engage with users, Grindr wanted a way for users to interact with ad content but to be able to revisit the content after the fact.

With the help of Localytics Inbox, Grindr has been able to target ads at specific groups of users and Grindr-Inbox-Ads-2.jpgnurture those users with a stream of personalized content that is sent to a dedicated inbox inside the app. This has ensured that the ads are not seen as annoying, but rather relevant and beneficial. 

For example, Grindr ran an Inbox message campaign with an apparel company targeting a global audience of 2.5 million users. The campaign generated impressive results - a 52% open date, 68% re-open rate, 9.45% click-through rate and 23% email registrations.

By knowing its audience and being conscious of the best way to deliver content to them, Grindr has been able to not only increase app activity but also increase its ad revenue. 

You can read more about Grindr’s success in our newest case study. You can also check out our Appy Hour podcast featuring Peter Sloterdyk, Grindr’s vice president of marketing.