How Charity Miles Uses Localytics to Power a Personalized App Home Screen

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Few things are more gratifying than seeing our customers find uses for our products that go far beyond our original intentions. The team at Charity Miles has done just that by using Localytics Inbox to power a new app homescreen that is automatically personalized for every user. Read on to learn more about how they did it!

Charity Miles

Just in case you haven’t heard of them already, Charity Miles is a company that connects charities, individuals, and corporate sponsors to drive positive change in the world. The concept is simple: Individuals choose to support one of more than 40 participating charities by walking, biking, running, or any other form of human-powered activity. The further a user moves, the more money they raise for their charity of choice. The funding for all this comes from corporate sponsors, who devote a portion of their advertising budget to support Charity Miles. It’s a win, win, win for everyone involved.

A Data-Driven Decision

Our story starts with an insight. In the fall of 2016, Lauren Theurkauf, Marketing Director at Charity Miles, was using the Flows and Funnels tools in Localytics to better understand the behavior of first-time users. She quickly noticed something surprising: new users were visiting almost every screen in the app during their first session.

Lauren Theurkauf
Lauren Theurkauf, Marketing Director at Charity Miles

As she explored further, Theurkauf realized that this behavior was due to the fact that Charity Miles had no onboarding experience for new users. The homescreen of the app was designed to make it as easy as possible for new users to select a charity and start moving. However, the data clearly showed that new users didn’t want to dive in and get started. First, they wanted to learn more about the company and the app. The question was, what was the best way to give them this information?

The Old Charity Miles Homescreen
The old homescreen made it easy for users to select a charity and get moving, but there was no personalized content and no ability to learn more about Charity Miles

The Perfect Solution

While Theurkauf weighed her options for developing a better onboarding experience, Charity Miles launched a new initiative in the app, where they began awarding “badges” to users as a way of congratulating them for completing milestones (such as moving at least one mile for a charity). These badges were sent as in-app messages and were an immediate success. In fact, they were so successful that users started asking for a way to store their badges.

When Theurkauf heard this request, she immediately thought of Localytics Inbox, which is the ideal way to engage users with content that they can go back and revisit multiple times. As the team discussed how they could use Inbox, it became clear that they had been presented with the rare opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

Rather than build a new section in the app to hold the Inbox, Theurkauf and her coworkers recognized that the best approach would be to integrate an Inbox into their app’s homescreen. Not only would that enable them to give loyal users the “trophy case” of badges that they were looking for, but Charity Miles could use Inbox messages to welcome and onboard new users when they opened the app for the first time.

Using Inbox to provide this functionality had several advantages. First, everyone on the team would be able build, target, and launch new content using the Localytics Dashboard - no developers required. Another big benefit was the fact that the team could run A/B tests and measure how users reacted to each piece of content using Localytics True Impact.

The End Result

On March 27th, Charity Miles released the newest version of their app, which features their innovative homescreen Inbox. Theurkauf is excited by the newfound flexibility she has in delivering a unique homepage experience to every user. She’s already making plans to introduce even more personalized Inbox content, such as challenges where users can go head-to-head and see who can move the furthest during a set period of time.

New Charity Miles Homescreen Charity Miles New User Onboarding Charity Miles Inbox Details

On the new Charity Miles homescreen, a selection of personal badges and relevant motivational stories deliver a far more personalized experience.

Special onboarding messages greet first-time users, helping them understand how they can get started earning money for their favorite charity.

The scrollable nature of Inbox makes it easy for Charity Miles to send users content that is far too long to fit inside a push or in-app message.


Charity Miles’ story is a textbook example of how to get the most out of the Localytics platform. They used our extensive analytics tools to discover a new insight into their users, then they acted on that insight by leveraging Localytics Inbox in a novel way. As a result, they are able to more effectively engage their users and deliver on customer expectations. Currently, they are in the process of optimizing the experience, tracking the performance of their Inbox campaigns and adjusting their strategy as needed.

Try It Out

If you’d like to see Charity Miles' unique homescreen Inbox for yourself, be sure to download their app using the links below - and don’t forget to track your movement and earn money for a deserving charity!

Download Charity Miles on the App Store Get Charity Miles on Google Play


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