Do You Know How Web Metrics Translate into App Analytics? [Quiz]

Matching_Web_Metrics_to_App_Analytics_Quiz_ImageUsing web metrics to measure the success of your mobile efforts is like using a ruler to measure a curve – tough, inaccurate, and not designed for the job. 

People behave differently on the web versus in apps. Online, consumers turn to websites when they are searching for information, but they launch apps when they are looking to efficiently complete a task. That’s why web metrics are best equipped to measure content consumption, while app analytics are designed to measure user engagement.

To help you quickly embrace app-specific terminology, we’ve built a fun little quiz. Put your marketing prowess to the test and see if you can identify the mobile equivalents of the web metrics you already know and love. 

Plus, we’ll give you hints and easy-to-digest definitions so you’ll definitely learn a thing or two about app analytics. 

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Ready, set, go!