Prove ROI with Localytics Remarketing: the First Closed-Loop App Re-Engagement Product

In April 2015, we introduced our Localytics Remarketing beta to help marketers engage users with personalized ads outside the app.

Since then, over 250 Localytics customers have used our platform to engage over 1,500 audiences — driving users into the app to make purchases, become subscribers, or simply re-engage. During this time, we’ve been working to develop Localytics Remarketing from a simple audience export tool to a mature product that fits with our vision of integrated app marketing and analytics.


Today, we’re excited to announce the new Localytics Remarketing, the first closed-loop app re-engagement product in the world.

For the first time, customers can create highly targeted advertising audiences, export them to Facebook to power personalized remarketing campaigns, and measure the ROI of those campaigns back in Localytics.  


The Case for Mobile Remarketing


“It costs five times more to acquire a customer than to retain a customer.”  - Tom Peters, Thriving on Chaos (1981)

App remarketing has been attracting a lot of attention lately, and for good reasons — user acquisition costs are as high as ever and it is common knowledge that it’s more effective to retain and engage your existing customers than to gain new ones.

On desktop, marketers have already figured out the value of engaging existing users — 46% of ad spend goes towards remarketing. On mobile, remarketing is a paltry 4% of budget, creating a massive opportunity for app marketers.

So why aren’t marketers doing more mobile remarketing today?

The answer lies in a critical technology gap. For app marketers to plan and execute effective app remarketing campaigns, they need the ability to (A) target the right audience with the right ads, and (B) prove ROI through quantifiable results.

Until now, the main players in the mobile remarketing space have filled only one out of two requirements. Some app marketing platforms provide audience targeting, but no campaign measurement, and some ad-tracking vendors provide simple remarketing measurement, but lack the app usage data to power meaningful targeting.

Without the ability to target specific audiences of users based on the goal of your campaign — whether that’s boosting subscriptions by targeting users who read 10+ articles or reaching users who haven’t had a session in the past two weeks — you risk serving ads to the wrong users, resulting in weak results. This problem is only compounded when you lack insight into campaign performance. Without the ability to measure ROI by tracking how many users re-engaged with your app and converted, you can’t make informed decisions to optimize your spend, iterate on your targeting, and deliver value for your business.

We’re thrilled about Localytics Remarketing because we’ve solved these two key problems. Localytics Remarketing enables you to pinpoint the end users you want to reach, and then easily measure the results.


How Localytics Remarketing Works


1. Create powerful advertising audiences

You can create audiences  based on any in-app behavior or profile data you track, then export any audience from the Localytics Dashboard directly to your Facebook Ads Manager.

2. Use your audiences to drive Facebook app engagement campaigns

Your audience will appear as a Custom Audience in your Facebook Ads Manager. You can then set up a remarketing campaign targeted to this Audience using Facebook’s platform and your own custom creatives.

3. Track re-engagement and conversion

Once your Facebook campaigns are live, you can track re-engagement and conversion from each campaign from the Remarketing screen of the Localytics Dashboard.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 11.13.26 AM.png

Drill into specific remarketing campaigns to see what conversion events re-engaged users are actually doing in your app. For example, see whether your new remarketing initiative to boost subscriber growth is actually yielding downstream subscriptions.

You can quickly compare the performance across campaigns, and you can instantly analyze whether re-engagement users are taking other high-value actions — so you’re not locked in to some pre-defined criteria for campaign success.


Poised for Takeoff


Mobile remarketing is still in its infancy, but we’re confident that it will become a very big deal in the near future. That’s because remarketing enables app marketers to deepen engagement with their users across the app lifecycle, influencing user activity, retention, and even bolstering acquisition by providing model audiences for Facebook Lookalike Audience targeting. As marketers adopt tools like remarketing, we’ll begin to see a longer user lifespan, greater lifetime value for app users, and more revenue for apps.

Over the coming months, we’ll continue to invest in Localytics Remarketing by adding more ad network integrations in addition to our current integration with Facebook. We’ll also add remarketing automation features to make it even easier for you to continuously re-engage app users.


Get Started with Localytics Remarketing


Localytics Remarketing is the first really useful mobile re-engagement product in the market -- and we’re excited for you to try it. To subscribe to Localytics Remarketing, contact your Localytics Account Manager or reach out to today. 

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