4 Ways to Drive Engagement, Revenue, and Conversions with Localytics Inbox

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Mobile app marketers are constantly searching for new ways to deliver a more personalized app experience. They know that the more personalized they can make the mobile app experience, the happier their users will be. They also know that happy users will open their app more often, stay in the app longer, and generate more revenue for the app. Localytics Inbox provides the perfect solution for marketers looking to take their app’s user experience to the next level. Read on to learn more about how some of the world’s leading retail, lifestyle, and media companies use Inbox to deliver the ultimate personalized user experience.


Thinking Outside the Inbox

We originally built Inbox as a way for you to deliver personalized messages to users in a format where they could go back and view the message multiple times (unlike a push or in-app message, which can only be viewed once). While Inbox still excels at this use case, it is a very flexible product, meaning our customers are also using it to power a number of other personalized app experiences. Here's just a sampling of what's possible:

Generate Revenue with In-App Advertising

Many mobile apps use advertising to generate revenue, but a common challenge is how to include ads without compromising the app experience. This was the problem Grindr faced and they came up with a novel solution: Grindr uses Inbox to deliver targeted promotions to their users. By showing the promotions in Inbox, Grindr has managed to preserve their highly regarded user experience and still serve up extremely effective ads. In fact, the first two Inbox ad campaigns they've run have had clickthrough rates of 51% and 52% respectively!

Read our new case study to learn more about how Grindr is using Inbox to monetize their app.

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Drive Purchases via a Promotions Center

For retailers that run frequent sales and promotions, Inbox is a great way to give your mobile app users a way to check and see what promotions are going on. Several of Localytics retail customers include deep links in their Inbox messages so that users can act on each offer right away. Retailers with physical locations should also consider including barcodes so that promotions can be redeemed in-store.

Improve Onboarding and Engagement
via a Personalized App Home Screen

Fitness app Charity Miles gives you a new reason to stay in shape, allowing you to generate money for your favorite charities by running, biking, and simply being active. Charity Miles is using Inbox to power a personalized app home screen. When a user starts the app, they are greeted with content that’s tailored based on how active they’ve been, the charities they support, and the stories they’ve read in the past. This personalized app experience helps users stay motivated and feel more engaged with the charities they’re supporting.

To learn more about how Charity Miles uses Inbox to deliver a unique home screen for each mobile user, check out this blog post.

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Increase Retention Engagement and Conversion with UI A/B Testing

One particularly enterprising customer (who wishes remain anonymous for the moment) has won the award for the most creative use of Inbox by using it to power A/B testing of their app’s user interface. In other words, they are testing things like button colors, menu layouts, and images in their app using Inbox! We were so impressed that we wrote this Project to walk you through how you can do the same thing in your own mobile apps.


What About Good Old Messaging?

We’ve talked about some of the ways in which our customers are using Inbox to deliver personalized content throughout their app, but we should also point out that Inbox also excels at it’s original goal of delivering personalized messages and content to your mobile users.


The Only Limit is Your Imagination

As you can see, Inbox is an incredibly versatile product that can be used in a number of ways to deliver personalized content to your customers. To get started using Inbox, talk to your Account Manager today and if you’re already using Inbox in a unique way, tell us about it in the comments section below.