[EBOOK] Here’s What You Need To Know About Push Notifications This Year

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Do you remember the first push notification you ever received? Most likely not, and for good reason. Early push notifications were glorified email blasts; a broadcast message to the entire database.

Fast forward to 2018 and push notifications are one of the most powerful tools at a marketer’s disposal. Thanks to advances in mobile marketing automation, push notifications, when done right, are segmented and personalized to the end user.

Thanks to marketers getting smarter with their push campaigns, push notifications have enjoyed a 30% lift in engagement since January of 2017:

7 day engagement

The above is just one example of push notification data you’ll find in our latest guide.

We’ve spent some time digging through our database - and combing through the millions of push notifications sent to create a guide with the latest data on creating a powerful push notification campaign in 2018.

In it you’ll find answers to:

  • Getting users to opt into push notifications
  • The elements of a highly successful push campaign
  • Effective geo-push (location based messaging) campaigns

And much more.

Check out the guide today and start creating powerful push notification campaigns that boost user engagement and retention:

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