[EBOOK] Introducing: The Enterprise Guide to Omni-Channel Marketing

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It may already be the buzzword you're sick of hearing, but mobile marketers: omni-channel is here to stay. (And mobile's a really important part of it.)

 How do we know? It's all in the data, of course.


Adults in the U.S. use an average of 4.3 different devices to access the internet.

Forrester Report: Digital Experience Technology And Delivery Priorities, May, 2016


90% of users move between devices to accomplish a goal.

The New Multi-Screen World, Google, 2012 


80% of users start with online research and ultimately purchase in-store.

Fourth Annual Major Purchase Consumer Study, Symphony Financial 2015.


Omni-channel customers spend 208% more than customers who shop solely in-store.

Not Another Omnichannel Retail Experience, TheRetailPro, 2016


We're not about to let you fall behind in your marketing when there's so many reasons omni-channel is good for business. Our brand new, completely free Enterprise Guide to Omni-Channel Marketing has the inspiration, best practices, and analytical proof you need to build an omni-channel strategy that works for your brand. 


Go ahead, dive in. And as always, tell us what you think: are you using omni-channel yet? How's it working for your company?



 The Enterprise Guide to Omni-Channel Marketing