ENGAGE 2016: How The Honest Company Shifted to a Mobile-First Strategy

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Not too long ago, we got together with some of the leaders in the mobile community in one of the most magical places in Boston, Fenway Park, to talk about our favorite topic: mobile engagement. It's called ENGAGE, and it's one of the best days of the year. 

Engage 2016 featured speakers like Ben Jones, the Chief Digital Officer of The Honest Company. Ben led a keynote session about Honest's journey from a desktop-focused brand to a company that looks at all strategy through a mobile-first lens. 

Ben freely admitted that not everyone knows what the company does or its story, but let’s be honest (pun intended): most of us do.


 Founded in 2011 by Jessica Alba, Honest entered the diaper and personal care market at a time when more and more parents wanted safe, nontoxic products for their families--and modern, appealing branding and cheeky product prints were the icing on the cake. Now valued at over $1 billion, every piece of their marketing story is case-study worthy, but mobile’s particularly interesting: as Ben told us, as just a year and a half ago Honest was solely focused on desktop.



Jessica Alba founded The Honest Company in 2011. 


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Now? They’re a mobile company. What sparked that transition was the realization that as well as Honest was doing, they were missing a major opportunity to grow with mobile engagement. It’s where Honest’s audience of tech-savvy, hip parents are. They're searching for products, and building influential communities of like-minded moms and dads. It was a natural step for Honest, and critical if they wanted to continue their fast-paced growth.


"Every decision you make needs to be based on mobile." Ben Jones, Chief Digital Officer, The Honest Company 


The point Ben repeatedly drove home was this: transitioning to a mobile-first strategy meant Honest had to take the long-term view. They were focused on finding effective means to acquiring new customers outside of television, and the data--like 74% of their traffic coming via mobile--indicated that an app could be the key. The wins didn’t happen right away, but over time, Honest saw the cost of acquisition decrease thanks to their mobile initiatives: Facebook advertising, in-app testing and more.


Honest’s success with mobile lies in:

  • Targeting messaging as much as possible. Honest looks at user behavior and all the available data to individualize experience.
  • Basing mobile experience on where customers are in their user lifecycles.
  • Testing, and using data to drive strategic decisions. Mobile often serves as the testing space for larger company decisions, like which diaper print to feature in online ads in fall of 2016.

What’s next? Honest is looking to use mobile to enhance their customer support experience, and hone their contextual marketing strategy. Oh, and for everyone in Boston--the Red Sox diaper prints are coming out next year. 


Check out the Honest mobile experience for yourself: download the Honest Company app here!


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