Exploring Custom Dimensions & Segments - Whiteboard Wednesday

Localytics Senior Solutions Consultant, Richard Cipolla, covers the basics of grouping app users by custom dimensions and segments for deep insights.



Hello, and welcome to another Whiteboard Wednesday. My name is Richard Cipolla, I'm a Senior Solutions Consultant here at Localytics. Today, I'm going to talk about Custom Dimensions and User Segments. Both of these resources are ways to group users, view inputs in the Dashboard by groupings, or target messages to users in the marketing platform.


Contrasting The Grouping Methods

How are these methods different? Let’s start with Custom Dimensions. Custom Dimensions are a description-driven grouping of users, based on the app parameters itself. Some good examples are registration type; do they come via e-mail, Twitter, or Facebook, Age; are they between 24 & 30, 31 & 40, 40 & 50; and subscription type; are they weekly users, trial users, monthly users, or yearly users? Segments, on the other hand, are action-driven descriptors of your users. Segments describe users who have or have not done certain actions in your app based on the events already tagged within the application. Some good examples are users who have added an item to cart, but never checked out, users that have played the multi-player version of a game, but never played the single player version, or something as simple as users who have never watched a video within an embedded article.


Setting Up Each Method

Custom Dimensions, like all SDK features, such as events, require coding changes within the application itself to get them recorded. Segments, by comparison, are built on the actual dashboard within the UI. Both methods can be used as features within filters for their reports or targeted in app messaging campaigns, but only Custom Dimensions will show up in data exports.


Drive Insightful Questions

If you use these two concepts, along with some of our other reports, like funnels and Share of Voice, what kind of questions can you answer? You can answer tough questions such as, do trial users who watch the "how-to" tutorial convert at a higher rate than users who don't? For users who you give loyalty points for signing in or signing up, do they actually pocket the savings or are they more likely to buy because of that? Do the users on your premium levels of service drive better engagement? What features do premium users see that drives engagement posts?



I hope this quick discussion of Custom Dimensions and Segments has helped illuminate how to get better insights in the Dashboard. My name is Richard Cipolla, Senior Solutions Consultant here at Localytics and I hope to see you again next week.


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