Extend App Personalization with Dynamic Messaging for Push Campaigns

App personalization, the ability to automate a custom experience for every user based on their preferences and behavior, is the ultimate goal for app marketers. The logic here is simple: personalized experiences = better experiences = loyal and valuable users. 

Today, Localytics is taking a big step towards greater app personalization with the release of dynamic messaging for push messaging campaigns. 

Dynamic messaging enables Localytics customers to create personalized experiences for different end users from a single push messaging or email marketing campaign. It works by rendering different copy, images, or deep links based on the profile information that is associated with each end user. 


Why Dynamic Messaging Matters


Apps are moving towards true personalization, an experience where every screen, every interaction, and every bit of content is automatically tailored for each individual end user. App marketing channels, like push messaging, are at the forefront of making personalization a reality.

Currently, app marketers are able to personalize the messaging experience by enabling marketers to create highly targeted audiences of users based on their in-app behavior and profile data. Marketers can then reach these audiences with personalized messages by setting up separate campaigns targeted to each audience. Localytics data shows that personalizing campaigns through targeting doubles click-through rates and triples conversion rates versus broadcast campaigns. Sounds great, right?

The results show that personalization works, but the process is simply not scalable for marketers. Think about an app for soccer fans, with content spanning teams from hundreds of countries and leagues. If they want to send a message promoting the app, and personalize the message by inserting each end user’s favorite team, they have to create hundreds of audiences and hundreds of campaigns to achieve this outcome.

Dynamic messaging solves this problem. Instead of setting up hundreds of campaigns, the soccer app can set-up just one campaign, and dynamically insert each user’s favorite team name based on the profile attribute for “favorite team” associated with that user. They only have to type one message:

“Soccer season is here! Check out the latest news and results for [favorite_team].”

The result is hundreds of personalized experiences for end users.


More than “Hello [first name]”


With Localytics dynamic messaging, customers can dynamically insert any profile information they are collecting into a push notification or email campaign. It’s as easy as clicking a dropdown menu of profile fields in the message builder, and simply choosing the field you would like to include.


Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 6.08.37 PM.png


The “first name” example is an easy way to customize a message for any app but the ability to use profile information is much more powerful than that - you can personalize a message based on any information you can collect in your app and upload to Localytics.

You can also go beyond dynamically inserting the profile attribute itself to insert your own custom content for different end users. Our dynamic messaging product uses the Liquid templating language, supporting nearly endless personalization use cases. See our documentation on personalizing messages for more details on these advanced use cases.


Drive Users to a Personalized Location in the App with Dynamic Linking


Dynamic messaging can also be used to extend the personalized experience beyond the message itself. With dynamic linking, you can utilize the power of deep links to drive users to personalized locations inside your app.

As push messages become one of the primary entry points for users interacting with an app, being able to seamlessly transition from the messaging experience to a relevant, personalized page in the app is critical.

For an ecommerce app, this might mean linking people to the last product they viewed. For a music app, it might mean linking people to their favorite artist. Whatever the endpoint, dynamic deep linking enables you to add another layer of personalization to your app experience.

You can add dynamic deep links to your push messaging campaigns right in our message builder. Learn more about deep linking in our documentation.


Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 6.09.46 PM.png


Start Using Dynamic Messaging Today


Dynamic messaging is now enabled for all Localytics Marketing customers for push and email campaigns. You can access dynamic messaging from the Creatives screen of the campaign builder. We hope you enjoy the feature, and look forward to seeing how you’ll innovate to create more personalized app experiences for your users. Subscribe to the Localytics product blog for all the latest product updates.