Features Update: Email Reporting

Viewing and understanding your Localytics data is key to your app’s success, which is why we want to help you surface data more easily and regularly. As a result, we are happy to announce that we’ve updated our email reporting functionality with a new design and additional flexibility.

The updates we’ve made will make it easier for you to consume important app information on a cadence that works best for your organization. You’ll be able to view app information while you’re on the go and share reports with key people and teams.

Please note that starting September 1, 2014 the current email reports that you've set up will no longer be active. To ensure that you continue receiving the email reports that are important to you, please recreate all your reports by September 1, 2014. More details on how to create and schedule email reports can be found below.

Here’s a look at the recent updates.

New Report Design

It’s important for reports to be digestible and engaging. As a result, we’ve updated the design of our Localytics reports so that they are more clear and user-friendly.
Email Report

New Reporting Frequencies

Previously, you were only able to schedule email reports to be sent on a weekly basis. Now you can schedule email reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

New Reporting Formats

You can now email reports in a Chart or Table format. To do this, first change your screen view to Chart or Table by clicking “View” on the screen you’d like an email report setup for, and selecting Chart or Table. Then click the “Save” option and select “Schedule Emails” to create your email report.
Chart and Table

Creating and Scheduling Email Reports: An easy, 3-step process

Step 1: To schedule email reports, click the “Save” option on specific screens within Custom Dashboards, Analyze, or Monetize. Clicking “Save” will reveal a drop-down menu that includes a “Schedule Emails” option. Note: The content of the reports you create will be based on the section of the Localytics Dashboard that you choose to “Schedule Emails” from.
Schedule Emails
Step 2: Clicking on “Schedule Emails” will pop up a screen that allows you to choose the frequency of your email reports- daily, weekly, or monthly. Reports will always be emailed in PDF format.

Step 3: Click the “Submit” button and your email reports will be sent to you at the desired frequency and in the desired format.

If you no longer wish to receive specific email reports, you can always unsubscribe from reports by logging into your Localytics Dashboard and going to Settings > Scheduled Reports > Unsubscribe.

We’re excited to offer this new reporting functionality to you and your organization. You can begin taking advantage of these updates as early as today by following the simple steps above. As always, if you have any questions about this, please contact us at support@localytics.com. We're here to help you!
Note: All reports will be sent to the email address that is registered to the Localytics account creating the report(s). Additionally, if you’ve created and scheduled multiple reports, you’ll receive one main email that contains all your reports.
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