Forrester Research: Analytics are Essential for Keeping up with Mobile Engagement

Read Time: 5 min

The mobile analytics game has changed. According to Forrester Research’s recent “Vendor Landscape: Mobile Analytics Vendors You Should Know” report, vendors need to integrate engagement channels and much more directly into the analytics foundations which they have honed over the past few years.

With consumer expectations growing higher by the minute, the time is now for enterprises to get mobile right. To do this, enterprises need to take a data-driven approach to mobile, and more importantly, mobile engagement. And they can only be data driven by having the right analytics and insights that are directly connected to their engagement channels.

The Forrester report recommends that companies consider using a combination of vendors to address the many aspects of mobile. While we agree that a combination of point solutions for things like crash reporting, attribution and app store optimization, makes sense, it is critical that companies do not risk the relationship between their analytics data and user engagement. These capabilities need to be centralized under one vendor in order to be effective.  Even with the best analytics on the planet, a company cannot do engagement well without the ability to link the two together.

Thanks to the first adopters of mobile analytics, such as some of our early, progressive customers who smartly demanded that the engagement channels be linked to their analytics, companies today can find these critical capabilities in the same vendor. 

Of course we strongly believe in the ability of the Localytics mobile engagement platform to bring all of the powerful mobile analytics functionality that any company would need, as well as the direct link to be able to act on these insights through our engagement tools, such as push and in-app messaging.

Don’t take our word for it though. You can see for yourself in the full Forrester report, which we are offering complimentary to our readers. To get your free copy of the report, download it here or click on the CTA below.