Complimentary Industry Report: Forrester’s Complete Guide to Mobile Engagement Automation

What features do you look for when you’re evaluating mobile engagement solutions? Or, maybe the right question is: do you even know what your options are?

If you don’t, you’re not alone. Mobile Engagement Automation Solutions, sometimes known as Mobile Marketing Automation (aka MMA), are a relatively new set of tools for most marketers today. It’s a category of tools that can be overwhelming to understand, as solutions offer a wide variety of features and functions and demand a vast range of technical know-how and marketing prowess.

If you’re advanced enough to know the features you need and the level of technical and marketing difficulty your team can handle, then you’re left with the next big question -- “WHERE DO I START?”

It can be an overwhelming question to answer with all the tools, marketing channels and data we now have at our disposal. And when you layer on a complete paradigm shift in the definition of (the ever-allusive) “engagement” thanks to the rise of mobile, the question just becomes “What!?!!?”

The good news is that mobile marketing automation solutions can actually help you with all this by using "real-time and contextual insights to proactively engage with known users in the appropriate mobile moment across the customer lifecycle via a mobile device.” (Vendor Guide: Mobile Engagement Automation Solutions, Forrester Research, Inc., November 2015).

In other words, MMA is a tool that helps you use your data to communicate with your users through various marketing channels in a way that is completely relevant to a user in the specific point in time and place when they need your info.

The better news is independent research firm Forrester Research has created a comprehensive report to help overcome all the challenges that come with adding a new tool to your marketing arsenal. Their latest report, “Vendor Guide: Mobile Engagement Automation Solutions” provides an objective view on:

  • What is mobile engagement, and how is it different than the web
  • Why marketers are falling short with their mobile engagement strategies
  • What is mobile engagement automation, and what are the key inputs marketers need to execute these solutions successfully (including analytics, customer insights, engagement decisioning, interaction delivery, campaign performance)
  • A capabilities overview of 20 vendors, evaluating them in three key areas: analytics tools, campaigns tools, automation capabilities.

And the best news of all is that we're giving Localytics readers access to this report - for zero cost to you. To get your complimentary copy of the report, download it here or click on the CTA below.

Complimentary Download - Forrester's Guide to Mobile Engagement Automation