Get Started with Mobile Marketing Automation

If we've been convinced of anything this past year, it's that mobile is about creating valuable and personalized experiences, especially when it comes to your app. Users are demanding sophisticated experiences and are searching for the apps that deliver. In order to do this, you need the right information and content at the right time. 

Thus enters mobile app marketing automation. 

Marketing automation is the hallmark of sophisticated marketers. It's based in data and serves the consumer expectation of relevance and personalization. 

As VentureBeat recently noted, "Ignoring mobile marketing now is to risk certain death in a world where giants like Starbucks, Walgreens, and Macys are able to turn mobile users into more valuable customers. Automating that process is how they get it done." 

Ultimately, to stay on par with big players, you need to incorporate automation into your arsenal. And to get you started, we've put together a kit of automation must-haves to keep on hand. 

11 Automation Use Cases

Automation doesn't have to be spammy; in fact, when done right, it should instead be helpful, valuable and interesting. Take it from brands who have done it well, like Waze, LevelUp, Gilt, and others. 

We've compiled a list of real-life app automation campaigns, and a few additional automation use cases, to help inspire your marketing. See how successful apps are currently using automation to engage users, and set goals for your own campaigns. 

Marketing_Automation_Kit_-_Use_Cases_small   waze_small

5 Steps to Running a Campaign

Don't get stuck in the execution - once you have the idea, it's easy to set up a messaging campaign that launches to the right user, at the right time. All you need is data and definition. In this mini-guide, you'll learn the five steps to setting up an automated marketing campaign, how to choose your target audience and the in-app action that prompts this campaign, and how to measure success. 

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An RFP for Finding an Automation Platform

Automation can only be successful when you're using the right tool. You need a platform that not only allows for easy campaign creation, but also enables you to use user data to inform and trigger these campaigns. What about A/B testing and deep-linking, or tracking the results? Use this RFP checklist to evaluate vendors and identify the right tool for your needs. 

Automation-RFP_small   Automation-RFP

These resources should make marketing automation work for you, and help you to create a simply better app experience for users with real-time and personalized messages. 

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