Personalizing the Mobile Experience: Getting from Stage 1 to Stage 2

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Earlier this week we shared the outcome of our analysis 23 billion push messages and proved that personalization makes a meaningful impact on the effectiveness and performance of your messages with the launch of our new eBook.


You can play with the equation in different ways but in order to succeed you need to start using data to make your messages more contextual and relevant to your users. That means thinking about who should (or should not) receive each campaign, what content is going to be useful to the user, and even when the message will be delivered:


For our customers in Stage 1, getting to the next level might feel daunting. It shouldn’t though. In order to get to Stage 2 and get up to a 48% increase in conversion rates, all you need to do is create better defined audiences.



With better defined audiences your existing campaigns could be performing a lot better and you could identify new opportunities to reach out to segments of your app users that need some special attention. Here are some examples of audiences you can build and campaigns you can run to take your app marketing to the next level:



Awareness Campaign with New Product Announcements

New products are a great reason to stay in touch and stay top of mind with your app users. Keeping your announcements relevant is the best way to make sure your notifications don’t get ignored. To create an audience for your next new product you’ll want to pull from behavioral data to include when the user was last in your app or what they last viewed. To take it a step further, you can use profile data to tie in the message the users' interests.

Stage 1 Message: We haven’t seen you in a while! Check out our new spring arrivals from designers you’ll love!
Stage 2 Message: New Shoe Alert! We’ve got spring arrivals from Steve Madden and Cole Haan you’re going to love!


Retention Campaign with Milestone Messages

A great way to keep your customers engaged with your app is through encouragement. You can use positive reinforcement to build up an affinity with your brand and make them feel valued. To identify the users that belong in this audience, you need to start with behavioral data. For example, create segment app users who have been subscribed to your Media app for 1 year or for a retail company, try identifying your users who have reached your a new loyalty member tier or spending threshold.

Once you have those groups identified, you can get even more specific by adding in data you’ve gained about who they are. For instance, Media apps can combine the subscription date with data about the users' favorite movie genre. A retailer might want to use a favorite shopping category, like shoes, clothing or accessories.

Stage 1 Message: It’s our anniversary! Thanks for being a subscriber for a whole year.
Stage 2 Message: Hey, Emily, it’s our anniversary! Cheers to being a subscriber for a whole year. Our future is bright as long it's full of watching Julia Roberts romcoms together.


Advocacy Campaign with NPS Surveys

One of the best ways to acquire new users is for existing users to spread the word about how much they love your app. If your App Store rating doesn’t reflect how much users enjoy your app, an NPS campaign to drive reviews is a great way to get a more accurate score. To make sure that you’re getting reviews from users that are having a good experience, you’ll want to define your audience with behavioral data that tells you how often your app is being used. You can also add in profile data to include users who have reached a loyalty membership tier or spent a specific amount with you.

Stage 1 Message: Tell us how we’re doing! We’re looking for feedback from users like you so we can make the app better. Please rate our app below.
Stage 2 Message: We’re looking for feedback from tier 2 loyalty members to make our app better. Your review can also help other customers decide to whether or not we’re the right fit for them. Would you please rate our app?


Final Thoughts

While it might seem that the best way to reach your users is to message everyone at once, the data has proven that there is more value to being more targeted with your campaigns. There is so much to gain by creating audiences based on what you know about your users and how they use your app. Start building audiences in Localytics today! You can also learn more about our research by checking out the Stages of Personalization eBook by clicking on the below banner:

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