How Are Media & Entertainment Mobile Users Behaving In-App?

Binge watching. Instant score updates. Breaking news alerts. Friend notifications. Background listening.

Do any of these behaviors and need-it-now prompts sound familiar?

In the world of Media & Entertainment, the introduction of both web and mobile apps has lead to or been shaped by changing desires in the way your audience consumes music, information, video or television, and news.  

In this way, the industry has been disctinct from others in the app space. In-app behaviors change based on consumption patterns, and when it comes to Media & Entertainment, consumption is the name of the game. 

To get a benchmark for exactly how users are behaving in Media & Entertainment apps, to uncover trends around engagement, and to discover which marketing tactics have the greatest impact on retention, we put together the Media & Entertainment App Industry Report, free to download.


Here are a few of the things we uncovered:

1. Media & Entertainment Apps Dominate Both Early Morning and Late Night Usage

News apps tend to own the morning commute - users still like to start their day off by checking the news and getting a handle on current events. Entertainment apps, on the other end of the spectrum, show strong usage throughout the night into the early morning hours. Most apps dip to around 20% between 2am - 5am; Entertainment apps kept strong around 50% usage during these hours. Anyone who has stayed up for just one more episode on Netflix can attest to this behavior. 

2. Sports Apps Have 118% Higher User Engagement With Push Enabled

It's not just Social Networking apps that benefit from sending notifications - Sports apps benefit hugely when push messaging is used to re-engage users and surface important updates, relevant content and activity. The content surfaced in these messages resonates with users, bringing them back into the app and improving engagement metrics across the board.

3. Music Apps Had the Highest Time in App Increase YoY

Music apps saw the greatest increase in Time in App of all Media & Entertainment apps at a whopping 79% - an increase of an incredible 64 minutes per month compared to last year. This most certainly supports the shift we’re seeing of downloading from web-based platforms like iTunes to streaming in Music apps such as Spotify, SoundCloud and iHeartRadio.

To access more insights into Media & Entertainment app user behavior, download your copy of our full report.

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