How B2B SaaS Companies Are Investing in Mobile [Infographic]

Mcommerce is everywhere, gaming apps are so pervasive even Kim Kardashian has a hugely popular one, and mobile travel companions are considered practically essential - across certain verticals, apps are not only prevelant, but they actually dominate the space. 

But there are other industries on the cusp of integrating mobile into their greater strategy in a big way; B2B SaaS is one of them. B2B SaaS companies are a hugely important piece of success strategies for modern businesses, so it's no surprise that as enterprise employees spend more time on mobile, that's where these companies want to be. 

Which is why OpenView, a Boston-based software investment firm, decided to create a survey targeted to a select group of B2B SaaS companies with a native mobile presence to determine how these organizations are growing and how mobile fits into their strategy. You can read the full report here

We've pulled some of their metrics around app development in particular to highlight in our latest infographic, aimed at answering the question: how exactly are B2B SaaS companies investing in mobile?


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