How Can Marketers Make The Data They Need Easier to Access? [VIDEO]

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Welcome to the second episode of Hot Topics with Henry, a monthly video series about the trends and topics that keep mobile marketers up at night with Localytics CTO Henry Cipolla.

So you’re a marketer. And when you’re planning out your strategy for the year, you depend on data from more than a few marketing platforms and channels. The faster you can get the data you need to make key decisions and come up with a plan, the better.

And then same problem you always have pops up: the data you need (that all mobile marketers need) is held captive by being only accessible by your company’s data scientists, or it needs to be cleaned up after being used copied and exported multiple times, or any other number of issues. And that means important business decisions are held up, too.

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Localytics CTO Henry Cipolla feels your pain. In the second episode of Hot Topics with Henry, Henry takes a closer look at why data access is so important now that the users marketers are trying to reach access your brand across so many devices and channels. He’ll tell you what the right solution looks like, and how better data access saves your business time AND money.

Take a look, and be sure to tell us what kind of pain you’re dealing with when it comes to accessing the data you need in the comments!


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